Time of Death


The CW, ABC, NBC, Fox

It comes but once a year, but when it does, it does so without feeling. It’s a bloodbath. Quick and merciless. While it’s inevitable, it never ceases to cause pain. While there are many long foreseen as goners, there’s still enough room for many surprises. And those ones hurt the most.

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Upfronts About It: Closing The Week Out With Some Questionable Viewing Options

The CW

Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co. It has been slightly edited due to videos no longer being available.

The time has come, at long last. The end of Upfronts week and the many new choices we television viewers must face come the 2017-2018 television season. It’s been a crazy and exciting week, not to mention baffling at times, but it’s still a great reminder of why I love this time of year. While this final broadcast network didn’t offer up a new traditional comedy series, I’ll mostly take what they’re offering into consideration. It’s not flat out terrible and gives me hope. I can actually be optimistic even when some still have me uncertain on whether or not I’ll watch beyond the first episode.

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Upfronts About it: A Mixed Bag With Plenty to Sample is Better Than Nothing


Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co. It has been slightly edited due to videos no longer being available.

On the second day of upfronts, which is when broadcast networks unveil their fall lineups to advertisers, the world was introduced to a new American Broadcasting Company (ABC) lineup! Within this lineup, there were first glimpses of new shows, some for the fall and others on tap for the midseason period, assuming, of course, they’re not moved up because of some failing show being cancelled early. With this plethora of viewing options now before us, and several months left before the first of the new shows debuts, it’s going to be hard figuring out which should be watched, which should be skipped or given just a pilot viewing. Hopefully the below discussion, which I love taking part of, will help make it easier.

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Signing Off


“The time has come”, the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: of shoes–and ships–
and sealing-wax–of cabbages–and kings–and why the sea is boiling hot–and whether pigs have wings.”

-Lewis Carroll, “The Walrus and The Carpenter” from “Through the Looking-Glass”

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Pilot: “This Is Us”

When it comes to any drama series, it’s not too difficult to get into the story and find a way to like the characters, maybe even relate. But with most dramas, while you may care for the characters, the drama’s not typically rooted in anything that’s close to tangible. The situation’s character’s face may seem familiar, but there’s something still missing. Something that truly makes it a one of a kind must see drama. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season: “2016 Primetime Emmy Awards: Winners”

Award shows come every year, but mostly in a massive wave. You hardly have time to recover from the previous one, or two, when the next batch is upon you. It’s what makes awards season so exciting, especially as it honors film, but it’s also tiring. So much to keep track of and watch, how does one have time for anything else? So, when it does happen, that you have a lone awards show going on, it’s best to just enjoy the moment. It’ll be the last time you watch a ceremony and are completely relaxed. Continue reading