Torture Porn Is Back In First ‘Jigsaw’ Trailer


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As it turns out, a studio doesn’t even have to wait 10 years before deciding that a reboot is in order. Making things even more fun, is the fact that this film isn’t just a reboot, but a sequel. So, in this case, a sequoot. Yes, I’m still working on making that a thing. The only question now, as far as the finished film is concerned is, Will it be worth it at all or just be a quick money grab? Mind you, it’s still an obvious money grab regardless.

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Another First Glance: “Rings”

Another year, another reboot. In the case of the upcoming Paramount Pictures film “Rings”, it doesn’t look like it’ll be worth all that much. A sequel coming years after the previous installment and a reboot starring people you’ve barely even heard of. What could possibly go wrong with this latest entry in a franchise that should’ve stayed as dead as Samara? Continue reading