Pilot: “Mary Kills People”


The medical drama is nothing new to TV, which could be good or bad depending on the overall series. The ones that stand out somehow manage to do something truly different and refreshing enough, while maintaining an overall compelling narrative that keeps you coming back for more. The ones that have a specific theme at its core seem to be even rarer, and so it’s pretty much up in the air on whether or not it’ll be worth watching. Continue reading


Pilot: “Great News”


The end of the current television season means the start of random shows you’ve never heard of popping up. Why exactly? Because networks are so jam packed with shows, they can’t find any other time or way to schedule new programming, or at the least, realize that maybe less really is more. Perhaps if they focused on the plethora of shows already seeking a time slot, then they’d see better ratings and wouldn’t feel the need too constantly fill every hour with programming nobody’s going to even pretend to be interested in watching in the first place. Until that time, well, here we are again. Another new show. Continue reading

At First Glance: “The Mist (2017)”

If at first you don’t succeed with a highly successful film adaptation, wait a short amount of time and try again with an unnecessary TV series. That seems to be the motivation behind this new iteration of a fascinating novella that’s almost 40 years old. With a lot of luck, this series could very well prove to be worth it, but that’s more wishful thinking than I’m prepared to have for this unoriginal original series. Continue reading

Pilot: “The Good Fight”


Another year, another spinoff. However, unlike with most others, even if I do end up watching them or trying to, this one is one I was genuinely excited about. From the absolute beginning. When I heard it was being developed and then shot, I couldn’t help but be intrigued and thrilled. When I heard who was returning I knew this was well worth setting high hopes for. Now that it’s arrived, where does it stand amongst all the other spin-offs that have come and gone or are still on the air? Continue reading

Pilot: “Good Behavior”

Starting a new series can sometimes be as simple as following a familiar face. The series doesn’t even have to promise anything resembling a good time, but it’s better if it does, or at the least has the potential to be. For some, just the fact that so and so is back on the air is enough. For others, it’s that and the fact that the new series genuinely looks good. Compelling even. Whatever it is, hopefully it proves itself time and again. Continue reading

Pilot: “Search Party”

No matter how dark a comedy can get or infused with drama it ends up being, there’s usually one thing that keeps you interested. Typically it’s the laughs you’ll have from clever and well timed jokes. However, while most viewers will expect all sorts of mile a minute jokes, sometimes that’s not what’s needed. A little comedy can go a long way. Continue reading

Pilot: “Channel Zero: Candle Cove”

A good horror TV series is tough to find. So many restrictions to overcome and clichés to avoid, what’s a writer to do? Exciting, interesting, and scary are tough elements to bring together, and that’s just to get people watching consistently. Once you have that, how does one keep that going for multiple seasons? While this season goes on, it’s sure to be a question that keeps coming up. The upside and downside of already having a second season. Continue reading