“Mary Poppins Returns” and It’s Wonderful to See Her in the First Teaser


When I first heard about this teaser, during the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony, I wrote on Twitter revivquel. Why? Because apparently it’s been so long since I’ve had to come up with a new word, I forgot the one I was already using. So, it’s not a revivquel, but a rebootquel. I’m not sure if that’s better. Time will tell.

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On Second Thought: “Chicago”


Note: This piece was originally written for and posted as part of MovieRob’s March Genre Grandeur, with the theme being favorite prison films as chosen by Jay of Life vs. Film.

Who doesn’t love a good musical? Plenty of people, but then again, they probably don’t like films that make them step outside of their respective repetitive film circles. The only thing you can hope for is that enough time will have passed that they’ll be convinced it’s now okay to give the film a chance. And if they’re lucky, time won’t have done too much damage to a well made film. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Fame (1980)”

Some films are all hype because of the legacy that’s been built around them. For better or worse, which you’ll no doubt figure out after you watch the film, the reason you watch a given film may not convince you it was worth it. What once was an effective film, in whatever way that was, may be nothing more than a reminder of a time from long ago. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Cabaret”

Classic musicals are really hit or miss. It depends on how far back you go, who’s in it and what the overall story is about. Some can just end up being fun no matter how much time has passed, while others just take on that dated look that makes it hard to do anything other than laugh. Continue reading

Recently: “La La Land”

Creativity and originality is dead. That’s the thinking floating around regarding Hollywood of late, and more often than not, it’s right on point. So few original films come out that do more than pass by, practically unnoticed. If it were not for what seems like a few creative forces left, and several smaller and daring studios, there would probably be no fascinating, challenging or compelling films left for anyone to even consider watching. How bland would that cinema landscape be? Continue reading

20 Years On: “Evita”

The movie musical is a staple. One adaptation after another, with nary an original thought to be had before the next one graces our screens. It’s a wonder filmgoers haven’t revolted by now. Perhaps it’s just the endearing power of both mediums to tell compelling and fun stories. Whatever it is, people will keep turning out when successful and high profile musicals get turned into must see films. Continue reading

10 Years: “Dreamgirls”

The movie musical has been a Hollywood staple for about as long as films have been made. Some can last for decades, and others are but mere memories of times gone by. They may entertain for a bit, but that doesn’t mean the quality is still there. Today’s films get the added benefit of a higher production value, and new creative forces, but that doesn’t always translate well in the finished film. When it does, it’s top notch. It stays with people. And, even better, it ages well. Continue reading