Short: “Welcome to the Circus”


With horror short films there’s virtually no end to what can be used to scare you, or hope to scare you. Even if the subject is one that’s seemingly been done to death, it can still be used in such way that some unnerving experience can be had. Continue reading


Short: “Attic Panic”


Short films can try, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out perfectly. However, that doesn’t mean giving a short film a chance won’t be worth it. There may be something to learn that could prove seeing more from a particular creator may just be the right thing to do. You could also learn that shorts are as fun as full length films. Continue reading

Short: “The Moonlight Man”


Short films are tough to get right, or so my experience with them would suggest. While my exposure to the short film medium is still very limited, most of the one’s I’ve seen have managed to work best when absolute control is had. When the creators know exactly what they want and don’t get carried away with too much extra anything. Perhaps I’ve just been fortunate in which shorts I’ve watched. Or, there just aren’t that many bad one’s to watch. Continue reading