Short: “Welcome to the Circus”


With horror short films there’s virtually no end to what can be used to scare you, or hope to scare you. Even if the subject is one that’s seemingly been done to death, it can still be used in such way that some unnerving experience can be had. Continue reading


Short: “Lights Out (Short 2013)”

Short films can introduce you to various creative minds, who must show they know how to keep things in absolute control. Some short films can even go so far as to lead to bigger and better things. It’s rare, but a well made short film can even lead to a well received and hopefully well made feature film. Continue reading

Short: “The Maiden”

Short films only have a few minutes to tell a specific story. When it comes to horror shorts, that time also must be used well in order to scare the intended audience. If one or the other isn’t seen to properly, you could be left with a short that makes no sense. Why is anything happening? What is happening? So little time, yet just enough to screw up the whole thing. Continue reading

Recently: “Waterborne (Short 2014)”

Short films are nothing new, but what they’re about could be. That’s the purpose after all, but that really depends on how many short films you’ve seen. If it’s not many, then each one could be a new surprise for you, and hopefully an enjoyable one. Continue reading