“Friday the 13th (2009)” May Be Fun For Some, But Is Largely A Waste Of Time

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When it comes to horror, there’s usually nothing worse than the remake. Sequels are bad in their own special ways, but at least with those, particularly those that have aged a few decades (a lot of them, if not most), they seem to now revel in how bad they are. For those sequels and remakes coming out now, of which many are beyond unnecessary, the same can’t be said of them. They’re just bad and never seem to be more than that, particularly when the studios, writers and directors behind them, among so many others, never try to learn from the many mistakes made in the films that came before.

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‘Halloween (2007)’ Lacks Scares And Shows Why It Still Sucks 10 Years Later

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Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

Remakes alone have a bad reputation, most with good reason, but when the film in question is a remake of a notable, classic, and still highly praised film, it’s even harder to accept. What could possibly be done that’ll not only show that it was worth it, but truly allow for the new film to stand out on its own? I feel we’re all still seeking out an answer to that question. And as far as horror is concerned, it’s one that won’t be able to be answered any time soon, if ever.

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10 Years: “The Amityville Horror (2005)”

Even though you know the film you’re going to watch, a remake, sucked the first time and will probably suck this time, there’s somehow some hope that it won’t. This kind of optimism should seriously be banned. Continue reading

Recently: “Carrie (2013)”

IMG_0279.JPGThe horror remake is really an unfortunate genre of film. It came out of the lack of creativity from Hollywood studios and doesn’t look like it’s ready to go away any time soon. For some, including the studios, this is a good thing. For diehard horror fans, the same can not be said. Continue reading