10 Years: “28 Weeks Later”


Sequels are hard to get right or as close to right as possible. There’s so many expectations that it’s a wonder any manage to come through at all. Typically they just fall short, and it really doesn’t matter how many ways they do so. Sometimes though, you get a sequel that’s just good enough, that all other issues can easily be looked past. There’s plenty that makes it just the right amount of fun, no matter how much time has passed. Continue reading


On Second Thought: “28 Days Later”


The zombie film is nothing new, even if it’s not involving zombies like most think of when the word “zombie” is thrown around. If there are crazed or dead people running around biting and tearing innocent people to pieces, that’ll do it! The only thing that’ll be up for grabs is how good or bad the film’s story is. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but when you really want something that’s more than braindead fun, it’s hard to randomly look around and find what you’re looking for. Continue reading

Another First Glance: “It Comes at Night”

Really good horror films don’t seem to come around that often. Over the last few years there’s really only been a handful of films that fit that bill, but they’ve been worth the wait. Even better or just in conjunction with, is when a horror film can deliver well before anyone has seen the film itself. Yes, trailers are supposed to inform and excite viewers, but the level of good I’m thinking of goes well beyond doing just that. Somehow, so much more is accomplished in only a few minutes, that it elevates the film in an instant. Continue reading

20 Years On: “Anaconda”


When it comes to films about creatures terrorizing innocent people, there’s no shortage of the fun you can have. Even if it’s not coming directly from the film itself, somehow you can’t help but enjoy yourself. If you’re lucky, the film will have already tried to meet you half way, but sometimes, the best kinds are the ones that achieve high levels of awesomeness by complete accident. Continue reading

10 Years: “The Reaping”


Some films sound good on paper, but upon execution they don’t even come close to something that anybody would want to see. The finished film is such a disappointment that not even your average filmgoer or horror fan, who sometimes enjoys the occasional bad film, can get behind it. There’s nothing there that outweighs everything else that makes the film bad. In cases like these, no amount of time is going to change that. The only thing that might be able to happen is that it becomes a film you watch solely so you can make fun of it with friends. Continue reading

TV Movie: “Leprechaun’s Revenge”

Leprechaun's Revenge - 2012

The holidays may be fun to celebrate with family and friends, and not just the ones that occur at the end of the year, but sometimes watching a holiday themed film is even better. It doesn’t even have to be a stellar one or even one that specifically takes place on the given holiday, although when it does, it automatically makes it infinitely better. It could just be something that adds to the day and makes it mean something more than it already does, if anything at all. Continue reading

10 Years: “Dead Silence”


Some horror films can age well. Others, less so, and then, surprisingly, some manage to do what should be impossible; they get worse. Whatever made them scary or not just can’t do it anymore. There’s no fun to be had, no matter how hard you will it to be. And then there are those that upon a second look, turn out to be so much more than previously thought. Continue reading