20 Years On: “Anaconda”


When it comes to films about creatures terrorizing innocent people, there’s no shortage of the fun you can have. Even if it’s not coming directly from the film itself, somehow you can’t help but enjoy yourself. If you’re lucky, the film will have already tried to meet you half way, but sometimes, the best kinds are the ones that achieve high levels of awesomeness by complete accident. Continue reading


31 Days of Oscar: “Jaws”


The modern day creature feature genre of film can largely be attributed to this particular one. Not only did it give rise to one of the most iconic characters in film, among other iconic moments, but it set a very specific standard. This standard is seldom even close to having been reached, but it shows just how much fun can be had when making a normal animal a kind of villain in the story. Continue reading

Recently: “Into the Grizzly Maze”

Creature features or wild animal attack films, or whatever the hell you want to call them, they’re not good for anything. Some can be entertaining in some way, if you have a group of friends and lots to drink, but if it’s just you, things don’t look so good. For some reason this is a type of film people like. After this, I’m not sure I’m one of them. Continue reading

10 Years: “Snakes on a Plane”

  Cult films. I’ll never truly understand them, but I’ll most definitely be more interested. When they also happen to be of the B-movie nature and absolutely ridiculous, I’m even more on board than ever before! If done well, they’ll be as stupid as you expect, but worth it and so much fun! Continue reading

TV Movie: “2 Lava 2 Lantula”

Creature features can be fun. Depending on the type, if it’s too serious, it won’’t work at all. There’s simply no room for fun. Some creature features, the one’s I’m most familiar with, are just plain silly. They never set out to be serious, and revel in it completely. However, even with this type of creature feature, it’s really hit or miss. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Them!”

Modern creature features, even the TV movie variety, owe a lot to the classic ones from long ago. If it weren’t for the fears that drove a lot of them, or the need for a new way to scare audiences, the genre might not be what it is today. Sure most still suck, but they’ve maintained the one thing that allows for them to be fun time and again. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Tremors 5: Bloodlines”

Sequels are typically films I fear. Sometimes I may be hesitant when I hear about it or see footage, but the general rule of thumb is, stay away, it’s going to suck. Certainly don’t get your hopes up. However, there comes a time, once in a blue moon, or a moon of any color, when that general doesn’t apply. Continue reading