‘Raven’s Home’ Is Charming And Cute But Still Has a Specific Target Audience In Series Premier

Disney Channel

Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

In this day and age, even children’s shows can’t escape the reboot, even if it is really a quasi-reboot. With this show, it’s a spinoff, but seeing as we’re following some very familiar characters as well, as it’s hard to avoid and is half of the allure in the first place, it’s also possible to be a reboot of sorts. Interestingly enough, which is not at all normal, I’m okay with this show existing.

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‘Whoa’ Is The Best Word To Sum Up The ‘Younger’ Season Four Trailer


Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co

“I feel I need to watch it again.”

That was the first thought I had after my initial shock of what was contained in the trailer for the upcoming season of the Jax Media and TV Land Original Productions series Younger, based on the novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran. And so, I did watch it again, and my surprise was still there.
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Pilot: “Great News”


The end of the current television season means the start of random shows you’ve never heard of popping up. Why exactly? Because networks are so jam packed with shows, they can’t find any other time or way to schedule new programming, or at the least, realize that maybe less really is more. Perhaps if they focused on the plethora of shows already seeking a time slot, then they’d see better ratings and wouldn’t feel the need too constantly fill every hour with programming nobody’s going to even pretend to be interested in watching in the first place. Until that time, well, here we are again. Another new show. Continue reading

Pilot: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”


Every now and then you stumble upon a TV series that just works. It hooks you from the beginning. Even if you hadn’t heard much about it and went in blind, the pilot episode did what it was supposed to do. Convince you the series will be well worth your time. In this day and age, with television being so different, falling in love with the first episode may not be the best thing to do. You may have loved it, but it might not be able to convince the right people to let it go on and prove itself as a regular series. And here I thought all digital platforms were flawless. Continue reading

Pilot: “Search Party”

No matter how dark a comedy can get or infused with drama it ends up being, there’s usually one thing that keeps you interested. Typically it’s the laughs you’ll have from clever and well timed jokes. However, while most viewers will expect all sorts of mile a minute jokes, sometimes that’s not what’s needed. A little comedy can go a long way. Continue reading

Rewind: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

Classic comedies will forever have a place in so many people’s hearts, but can they maintain what makes them memorable? The times were different. The options fewer. Audiences today want something else, even if that something is merely just a reflection of the world they live in today and not so much groundbreaking content, and most things from yesteryear are just incredibly dated. So, how do new viewers connect to something that old? Is there a starting point that says this series will still be worth ones time? Continue reading

Pilot: “The Good Place”

New comedies have it tough. How to get people to laugh at genuinely funny moments? So much has been done before, but most of it in the worst way possible. Yet, season after season, there’s a whole new crop of comedies that think what’s driving them will be enough. Usually it’s not. It’s not just in the lack of anything funny, but the story itself. You need both in order to even stand a chance. Continue reading