10 Years: “Waitress”


Some films you know you loved the first time, but can’t remember the why. Perhaps it’s been years since you last saw it. Perhaps there’s something else within the film that when viewed you can instantly connect with. Whatever it is, another viewing of said film may definitely be in order. If you don’t rediscover what it is that made you love it the first time, maybe you can at least learn something else. That’s the beauty of rewatching a film you haven’t seen in some time. Continue reading


At First Glance: “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

When you stumble upon a film trailer, there’s no telling what you’ll end up thinking. You’ll either love it, hate it or just question why it even exists at all. Perhaps some cautious optimism may be needed because the trailer itself is making it hard to form a first opinion. In this case, it could very well be that the trailer was badly constructed. If this happens, hopefully that’s the only problem as too many trailers have managed to cause many more, which are usually avoidable, and the finished film suffers because of it. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Harvey (1950)”


Some classic films, it’s sad and strange to say, need to be seen to be believed. They’re that out there, that whimsical, that the only way you can properly appreciate them or even love them, is by witnessing the story and judging for yourself. If all goes well, not only will you have a new film to love, but you’ll discover the joy of watching a somewhat silly and amusing film. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

With some classic films, all you can have is something akin to a love/hate relationship. No matter how many times you try to watch a classic film or watch it and try and like it or see it the way everybody else does, it just doesn’t happen. Not outright at least. Sure, there are things you can like and appreciate, but none of it’s truly enough to get you fully on board with a given film. Best case for you, you can say you’ve seen it or given it numerous viewings. When you think about it like that, that’s more than most people can say. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Adam’s Rib”

Courtroom battles in film are nothing new. However, most seem to play out in some heavy and dramatic way, which leaves very little room for even the slightest bit of a chuckle. Not so here with this classic comedy film. There’s drama to be sure, but it’s not too dramatic and doesn’t come close to overshadowing all the other aspects that make this film a delightful treat, even with almost 70 years having come and gone. Continue reading

10 Years: “Catch and Release”

It’s not unusual for me to take an interest in romantic comedies. However, I can’t tell you why that is. I’ve always been a sucker for the romantic comedy. Mind you, I’m still typically very picky about what films I’ll see and then own, even within a specific genre. Some just can’t win me over and others are flat out bad. Continue reading