10 Years: “Catch and Release”

It’s not unusual for me to take an interest in romantic comedies. However, I can’t tell you why that is. I’ve always been a sucker for the romantic comedy. Mind you, I’m still typically very picky about what films I’ll see and then own, even within a specific genre. Some just can’t win me over and others are flat out bad. Continue reading


At First Glance: “The Dressmaker”

Some adaptations and imports are of the variety you didn’t know you needed. They’re so refreshing, that regardless of what others think, you’ll watch it as soon as possible. It’s one of the troubles with films being made in outside of the U.S. The ones you really want to see, the ones that should be getting made by Hollywood, are only available in other countries and because of other countries. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Swiss Army Man”

Films have been entertaining and informing audiences for decades, with many creating long and lasting legacies. So many have showcased what can come about when really creative people are at the helm of a given project. However, these days, true creativity seems to be a lost art form, and only so few, a special few, seem to be able to deliver one of a kind films. Continue reading

Another First Glance: “Joy”

When you’ve had a string of hits, with several of the same people, you’d better believe how much pressure is on you to deliver once again. People don’t just fork over their hard earned money for anything or just anyone. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

When one story about a young girl with cancer finds success, why not have another? All you have to do is cast the right people, find the right source material and make sure it has a similar, if not more so, charming element. Recipe for success?! Continue reading

At First Glance: “Ricki and the Flash”

Some films, at first, seem hard to imagine, even though you know who all is involved in them. Then, at long last, comes a trailer, which tells you so much more (as it should) than a mere publicity still does. If all goes well, you’ll go from skeptical to overly excited in less than three minutes. Continue reading

Recently: “The Way Way Back”

IMG_0256-0.JPGIndependent films are the diamond in the rough of genres when it comes to films, of which we are all thankful. We should be. If not, let’s begin to be. These films offer up many different types of films that would probably not get made; for one reason or another. Continue reading