‘The Post’ Offers Plenty of Journalism Intrigue and Thrills in First Trailer

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Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

Historical and biographical films are great for numerous reasons. Chief among them is that new light can be brought to issues long since passed, debated, and filed away as an important chapter in history. Sometimes that’s all a film can do, as not many probably know about the events depicted in a given film. Other times, like with the award winning Spotlight, to name one recent example, a fresh angle can be used to remind the world of a terrible time and event, and show that, sadly, things haven’t really changed all that much.
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20 Years On: “Selena”


When it comes to biographical films, or biopics as they’re sometimes called, the ability to craft a compelling narrative isn’t always that easy, even when it seems like it should be. There’s so much that’s occurred in the subject’s life, that whittling it down to what’s crucial and will draw people in seems impossible. How does someone pick and choose what’s most important? How will they know if it’s enough to paint a decent picture of who the subject was and what they went through? Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

The biographical film has clearly been around for some time, with varying degrees of success, which also seems to depend on the films subject(s). A biographical film, or biopic as they’re sometimes referred as, can do a lot of things, even if there are some slight liberties with history being taken. However, the one thing that seems to be tough to get right is the pace of the film. Depending on how the events unfold, you could be captivated the whole time or be working hard to keep yourself awake and even slightly interested. Continue reading

Another First Glance: “Joy”

When you’ve had a string of hits, with several of the same people, you’d better believe how much pressure is on you to deliver once again. People don’t just fork over their hard earned money for anything or just anyone. Continue reading

Another First Glance: “The Danish Girl”

I keep forgetting about the power of a single trailer, especially when it’s the second or third trailer for a given film. You know real well that the first trailer sold you on the film and that it’s now one you want to see. However, time’s gone on and many more trailers for many more films have come and gone. The reason for liking an upcoming film may be lost and little reminder may do the trick. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Truth”

Trailer releases can be exciting moments in any day. If you’re lucky, the trailer will live up to what you imagine the film will look and feel like. Any early released pictures will have done the job of selling the film and make getting excited well worth it. If not, well, then it sucks to be you. Continue reading

At First Glance: “The Danish Girl”

Some films that are highly talked about, due to the story and who is set to star, have a lot to live up to in the trailer. If even these expectations aren’t met, then a lot of hope for the film dies right then and there. If one is fortunate, the film will go above all the expectations you had, or even the ones you didn’t that should have been obvious. Continue reading