20 Years Later ‘Batman & Robin’ Is Best Viewed As a Comedy

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Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

If at first you don’t succeed with a sequel, try not to change a goddamn fucking thing and up all the bad things that made the previous film so awful. It’s a formula that seems to work really well with many of today’s films, so why believe that films from the late-90s would be any different? After all, one could easily make the case that because of franchises like this or other films that came out during this time, audiences are saddled with the same repetitive shit we get today. Certainly the general formula for making them and the model for marketing them.

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20 Years On: “Anaconda”


When it comes to films about creatures terrorizing innocent people, there’s no shortage of the fun you can have. Even if it’s not coming directly from the film itself, somehow you can’t help but enjoy yourself. If you’re lucky, the film will have already tried to meet you half way, but sometimes, the best kinds are the ones that achieve high levels of awesomeness by complete accident. Continue reading

20 Years On: “The Relic”

The creature feature has been a Hollywood staple for decades. Some are better and more memorable than others, but the one thing that they all have in common, they tend to be a lot of fun. No matter the true level of good or bad, you can always rely on being thoroughly entertained. While the Paramount Pictures film “The Relic”, based on the novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, may not fall squarely in one camp or the other, depending on who you ask, it’s still worth another go around. The reason is mainly because the film is now entering it’s 20th year since being released. Or, which could very well be the case, a first viewing is now in store as the discovery of this film could be happening at this very moment. Continue reading

20 Years On: “Evita”

The movie musical is a staple. One adaptation after another, with nary an original thought to be had before the next one graces our screens. It’s a wonder filmgoers haven’t revolted by now. Perhaps it’s just the endearing power of both mediums to tell compelling and fun stories. Whatever it is, people will keep turning out when successful and high profile musicals get turned into must see films. Continue reading

20 Years On: “The People vs. Larry Flynt”

Some film’s just have to be seen to be believed. They may sound crazy and silly, but are they? That depends on who’s watching. What may be a strange film for one may in fact be an amazing piece of cinema for another. Sometimes too, time can play an interesting role in whatever experience is had. Continue reading

20 Years On: “Scream”

Some classic films don’t need an introduction. A title is all. Its reputation has long since been earned. Even when a film turns a certain round number, which is even more exciting, there’s still little need for help. That a horror film can be the film to maintain this, is proof the film has managed something truly special. The only thing left to discover, has it aged well? Continue reading

20 Years On: “The Crucible”

Some films will always pack a punch. No matter how much time has passed the ability to feel various emotions, and not just for the characters, is a constant. The film was that well constructed that it will always be a welcome sight. Sometimes not just as an example of good or decent filmmaking, but as a way to remind you of what’s come before and how sometimes, it’s not something that should be repeated. Continue reading