‘Live Free Or Die Hard’ Delivers Fun And Exciting Action 10 Years Later

20th Century Fox

Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

With some sequels, it’s really going to depend on the franchise it’s part of. If there’s a significant gap between the previous one and the newest one, like there is here, then there could be even more riding on the sequel. How will it live up to what’s become so beloved, if not outright iconic? I guess it’ll just depend on which franchise the film is coming from. We’ve definitely seen examples of sequels that didn’t need to exist at all, especially coming several years later.

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10 Years: “28 Weeks Later”


Sequels are hard to get right or as close to right as possible. There’s so many expectations that it’s a wonder any manage to come through at all. Typically they just fall short, and it really doesn’t matter how many ways they do so. Sometimes though, you get a sequel that’s just good enough, that all other issues can easily be looked past. There’s plenty that makes it just the right amount of fun, no matter how much time has passed. Continue reading