Signing Off


“The time has come”, the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: of shoes–and ships–
and sealing-wax–of cabbages–and kings–and why the sea is boiling hot–and whether pigs have wings.”

-Lewis Carroll, “The Walrus and The Carpenter” from “Through the Looking-Glass”

I may not talk of cabbages and kings or why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings, but I most definitely have some things to say. The time has most definitely come. This is the final post. Continue reading


Thank You, Robert Osborne


So many actors, musicians, directors, writers, etc. are taken from us each and every year. Some too soon and others after living long and productive lives, even if they retire well before they pass. Some hit us harder than others, and because of that alone, it’s never predictable how one will respond. The sadness may register, but after a few moments, you may find that you are able to move on with your day. Or, you could very well respond as if it were an immediate family member or close friend who had died. That does happen, even if it seems strange. But that act alone speaks to how much of an impact that person’s life had on you, and how you’ll always remember them for what they gave to you and so many others during their lifetime. Continue reading

Bits and Pieces of Cable

Upfronts Week may have officially ended, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things to talk about. The broadcast networks may be the main focus, but they aren’t the only networks with content to showcase. Cable networks, the few that do debut new shows during this time, are constantly trying to get ahead of broadcast, and every now and then they make it worth it. Continue reading

What’s Two More?

Coming in last, as always, is the fifth and youngest broadcast network, The CW. This network is taking a mildly unusual approach and only debuting two shows in the Fall, which isn’t surprising as they only have a few hours of primetime programming and not many slots for new shows. However, as comes with all changes, other shows have to sit out until later. It’s a shame as one of the networks better shows doesn’t deserve that treatment. Continue reading

Eye Spy

Half way through this crazy and exciting week, and it looks like there are some bumps in this road. With so many new shows being introduced, and many looking promising, it was only a matter of time until one of the networks offered up something less than exciting. In this case, most don’t even come close to crossing the level of good needed to keep a show on the air. What will this network do? Oh, right, order another spin-off series. Continue reading

Alphabet Soup

A new season on the way, a new entertainment president, does that mean we’ll see good things? Yes and no. It’s the tough part of the job, but sadly someone has to do it. Hopefully it doesn’t all blow up in Channing Dungey’s face, as she has enough pressure as is. Any decisions she didn’t make before taking the new post, will be put on her. I guess sometimes it doesn’t pay to be at the top, as the buck stops with you. Continue reading

The Peacock and the Fox Came Out to Play

Look at all those new shows! The question isn’t how many will you watch? No, what’s more important is how many will be cancelled before the end of the year? Mind you, the number you plan on adding to your TV watching is important too. My number just went up. Continue reading