10 Years: “The Hills Have Eyes II”


Oh, the horror sequel. If only there were ever a purpose for another entry. Well, then we’d all be happier and more and more, not to mention better, horror sequels would probably come out. Sadly, as this film itself shows, the only purpose a sequel of this sort serves is to try and make a quick buck. Lazy remakes aren’t enough, so it’s time to force horror fans to sit through films they didn’t want or, as is increasingly becoming the case, ask for. When will studios learn that what die hard fans want isn’t more of the same? Continue reading


20 Years On: “Selena”


When it comes to biographical films, or biopics as they’re sometimes called, the ability to craft a compelling narrative isn’t always that easy, even when it seems like it should be. There’s so much that’s occurred in the subject’s life, that whittling it down to what’s crucial and will draw people in seems impossible. How does someone pick and choose what’s most important? How will they know if it’s enough to paint a decent picture of who the subject was and what they went through? Continue reading

10 Years: “Dead Silence”


Some horror films can age well. Others, less so, and then, surprisingly, some manage to do what should be impossible; they get worse. Whatever made them scary or not just can’t do it anymore. There’s no fun to be had, no matter how hard you will it to be. And then there are those that upon a second look, turn out to be so much more than previously thought. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Mighty Joe Young (1949)”


When it comes to the classic film, there’s not much you can do. Watch it and then decide. Do you like it? Did it teach you anything? Did you finish the film the first time or need two or three more attempts? What’s there will never change, and unfortunately what may have looked great at the time, can’t look like anything more than bad. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Jaws”


The modern day creature feature genre of film can largely be attributed to this particular one. Not only did it give rise to one of the most iconic characters in film, among other iconic moments, but it set a very specific standard. This standard is seldom even close to having been reached, but it shows just how much fun can be had when making a normal animal a kind of villain in the story. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Harvey (1950)”


Some classic films, it’s sad and strange to say, need to be seen to be believed. They’re that out there, that whimsical, that the only way you can properly appreciate them or even love them, is by witnessing the story and judging for yourself. If all goes well, not only will you have a new film to love, but you’ll discover the joy of watching a somewhat silly and amusing film. Continue reading