‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Looks Amazing And Full Of Darkness In First Trailer


Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

Anticipation. It’s a killer. Fortunately not a real life one, but for some people it may as well be. The time between a first photo or trailer is just too long and it doesn’t move fast enough. How is one supposed to manage? The intervening months might not be filled with plenty else to get excited about, and then as the film’s release date draws nearer, plus some nagging from entertainment news outlets, it becomes harder to brush off and live without some idea of what the finished film will have in store for audiences. In some ways, it might just be easier to forgo a new trailer altogether. At least then, the anticipation can mostly be squashed.

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‘Molly’s Game’ Looks Like a Game Worth Playing In First Trailer

STX Entertainment

Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

“Do you know about me?”

That’s what Jessica Chastain asks Idris Elba in this first trailer, and while many will probably say, “No”, I can see that being an answer that won’t be true much longer. How do you inform the widest possible audience about a particular event or person who did something monumental, even if it was illegal? You make a movie. More often than not, more people will always respond to something if it’s put before them as a film.

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‘mother!’ Brings Suspense And Mystery In First Trailer

Paramount Pictures

Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

Crafting an intriguing and captivating thriller, if not outright mind-boggling and a bit terrifying, requires someone who fully understands all the elements. Only then, most of the time, a truly rewarding film experience can be had and remembered long after. But how do you know if that’s what you’ve got? A trailer can only give you so much. It very well might just depend on who’s responsible for creating the story in the first place.

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Another First Glance: “It Comes at Night”

Really good horror films don’t seem to come around that often. Over the last few years there’s really only been a handful of films that fit that bill, but they’ve been worth the wait. Even better or just in conjunction with, is when a horror film can deliver well before anyone has seen the film itself. Yes, trailers are supposed to inform and excite viewers, but the level of good I’m thinking of goes well beyond doing just that. Somehow, so much more is accomplished in only a few minutes, that it elevates the film in an instant. Continue reading

Another First Glance: “Alien: Covenant”

Surprise, surprise!! That’s what the company releasing this film seems to like doing. First it was on Christmas Eve, and now, even with it being slightly annoying, it’s today. I can’t believe this is what we’re being treated to. If this film doesn’t do phenomenally at the box office in May, then there’ll be no hope for any more films in this franchise, no matter the director or the intent. Continue reading

Another First Glance: “The Good Fight”

As far as most anticipated new shows go, the upcoming CBS Television Studios series “The Good Fight”, might be the one that suffers the most. It won’t actually be shown on a broadcast network, save for the pilot, which CBS is hoping will spark interest in the show as well as its streaming platform CBS All Access. Because of this, I’m fearing that this show won’t get the kind of reception it should nor the audience. It’s not just those who loved and adored “The Good Wife” who’ll be pissed they have to miss out, but any new audience members following one of the actors in the series (see: Rose Leslie). Continue reading

Another First Glance: “Rings”

Another year, another reboot. In the case of the upcoming Paramount Pictures film “Rings”, it doesn’t look like it’ll be worth all that much. A sequel coming years after the previous installment and a reboot starring people you’ve barely even heard of. What could possibly go wrong with this latest entry in a franchise that should’ve stayed as dead as Samara? Continue reading