10 Years: “28 Weeks Later”


Sequels are hard to get right or as close to right as possible. There’s so many expectations that it’s a wonder any manage to come through at all. Typically they just fall short, and it really doesn’t matter how many ways they do so. Sometimes though, you get a sequel that’s just good enough, that all other issues can easily be looked past. There’s plenty that makes it just the right amount of fun, no matter how much time has passed. Continue reading


10 Years: “Waitress”


Some films you know you loved the first time, but can’t remember the why. Perhaps it’s been years since you last saw it. Perhaps there’s something else within the film that when viewed you can instantly connect with. Whatever it is, another viewing of said film may definitely be in order. If you don’t rediscover what it is that made you love it the first time, maybe you can at least learn something else. That’s the beauty of rewatching a film you haven’t seen in some time. Continue reading

10 Years: “Grindhouse”


Horror films come in all shapes and sizes. Some are true gems that deserve to be seen by the masses, while others are just your run of the mill scary films that might be somewhat fun in the moment, but afterwards offer very little. I guess it really depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to put up with. With a film like this, which is going well beyond convention, you pretty much have to see it to believe it. To understand what makes it stand out above the majority that have come before and since. What makes it worth the three hour plus runtime. Continue reading

10 Years: “The Reaping”


Some films sound good on paper, but upon execution they don’t even come close to something that anybody would want to see. The finished film is such a disappointment that not even your average filmgoer or horror fan, who sometimes enjoys the occasional bad film, can get behind it. There’s nothing there that outweighs everything else that makes the film bad. In cases like these, no amount of time is going to change that. The only thing that might be able to happen is that it becomes a film you watch solely so you can make fun of it with friends. Continue reading

10 Years: “The Hills Have Eyes II”


Oh, the horror sequel. If only there were ever a purpose for another entry. Well, then we’d all be happier and more and more, not to mention better, horror sequels would probably come out. Sadly, as this film itself shows, the only purpose a sequel of this sort serves is to try and make a quick buck. Lazy remakes aren’t enough, so it’s time to force horror fans to sit through films they didn’t want or, as is increasingly becoming the case, ask for. When will studios learn that what die hard fans want isn’t more of the same? Continue reading

10 Years: “Dead Silence”


Some horror films can age well. Others, less so, and then, surprisingly, some manage to do what should be impossible; they get worse. Whatever made them scary or not just can’t do it anymore. There’s no fun to be had, no matter how hard you will it to be. And then there are those that upon a second look, turn out to be so much more than previously thought. Continue reading

10 Years: “The Messengers”

The problem with horror films isn’t that they’re constantly rushed out, but that they’re rushed out without any true thought being put into them. It’s always more of the same, and the lazy dressing meant to look like an original thought isn’t anything more than a slap in the face to an audience that deserves better. Too bad this film came out at a time when more of the same was the lazy trend motivating studios into greenlighting unnecessary horror films. Continue reading