All in the Name

With so many categories, and so many posts since the category launched, it’s understandable if the category title may seem a bit silly or confusing. I’ve come up with a meaning for each to make it easier. I could have just gone with very simple names, as is somewhat the norm, but that’s just a bit too boring. I do so prefer to keep things interesting. If you’ve managed to figure them out already, more power to ya!!

Originally the post titles reflected the category as well, but since returning to this site, I’ve decided to stick with what I’ve been doing. So, goodbye fun and silly, and potentially confusing, and hello! interesting and intriguing! Well, I hope they’re interesting.

‘Tis the Season: A yearly series of pieces on the major (SAG, Golden Globe, Oscar, and BAFTA) award nominations, and wins that follow later. There’s no set way to discuss what happens, as it’s always a surprise, so don’t expect a specific format. It’s awards season after all, and anything goes!

10 Years: Films that were released 10 yrs. ago. Based solely on release date (festivals, limited runs etc.)

20 Years On: Films that were released 20 years ago. It’s a great way to celebrate films from long ago and introduce or remind people that they exist.

31 Days of Oscar:Exactly as it sounds. Films that air (and that I saw, duh) during the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) month long festival celebrating Oscar winning and nominated films.

Another First Glance: A look (fresh look) at a second or third trailer released for an upcoming film, that I’ve already written about. Hence, another first glance.

At First Glance: Trailer breakdowns for upcoming films. Select TV shows included too.

Catching Up: About films from the past. Something not recent. Films over 10 yrs. old as well as films I haven’t seen before.

First Time Viewing: TV shows I haven’t seen before. Most will be off air shows, from awhile back. Think shows like “JAG”, “Buffy”, “The X-Files”, or the original run of “Dallas”. Some may not be that old.

Miniseries: Self-explanatory. Okay, it actually isn’t. My definition extends solely to the classic definition of a miniseries, which seems to be a bit different than what I’ve always envisioned. It’s a story told over the course of a few nights, be it two or six, culminating in several hours. Think “Merlin”, “The 10th Kingdom”, “Rose Red”, even “Anne of Green Gables” to give some age. The crap we see now, that’s pretending to be a traditional miniseries, but told over weeks, like 10 to 13 (something like that), is not, in my view a miniseries, even if it’s what BBC has been doing for decades. Awards? Maybe, technically. But this isn’t a place that doles out awards, so it doesn’t apply. Welcome to the new normal.

On Second Thought: Films I’ve already seen at least once before. Some may overlap with “older” and less recent categories.

Pilot: A new series involving, just that, the pilot (first), episode that is just airing on TV. Talking about what works, doesn’t, and any hope as a series. As well as if I’ll keep watching this series.

Recently: A film that came out in the last 10 yrs. Also films I haven’t seen before.

Rewatch: A show, sometimes sole season, that I watch again (rewatch). Either before a new season, or just to watch it again, like with “Brothers & Sisters” or “Lost”.

Rewind: Taking a look at the first episode (pilot) from shows now long gone and, no doubt, considered classics. Such as “Alias”, “Ally McBeal”, “Dallas”, “Dynasty”, “ER”, “The Practice”, etc. The aim is for shows that debuted over 10 years ago.

Series End: A breakdown of what the series finale did right, wrong or could’ve done differently. Plus, for me to share what I managed to feel as I watched after so many loyal years.
Short: Focuses on short films of any sort. What did it make me feel and how does it stack up to other short films?

Specials (Not the official name): This will basically encompass any pieces outside of the other categories. They, to me, resemble that of opinion pieces and will also be much longer than your average piece. These pieces, will also have actual titles associated with them. These are currently housed in “Opinion” and “Uncategorized”.

TV Movie: Exactly as it sounds. Films that aired on a television network, typically an “Original Movie”, which is usually two hour in total run time. They can be good or bad films. I do love me some SyFy movies and Lifetime movies.


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