All About Me Or (Why I Spend Time On This Platform)

I am a lover of film and television! There. That should do it, right?

I have for the longest time loved seeing films and then watching the various special features, back when they actually included them on DVDs, to see how something was made. Because of this, I have a vast collection of movies (which has grown since I originally wrote this and rewrote it to correspond with my signing off returning to this site, for which I wrote a piece on that already), ticket stubs (also still growing), and have seen over 1000 titles. At least, that’s what the Flixster thing says, which I, at some point (I can’t recall), stopped using.

Television is no different. I watch so many shows during a given TV season that I often wonder how I manage. I actually don’t manage for long and either fall behind or flat out don’t watch a particular series. Sorry “Modern Family”. Even watching off air shows is fun for me! The special features too make watching so many worth it! This has also led to my owning a pretty big collection of the box sets of shows, which like with the films as you could’ve easily figured out, has grown over the past three years. I may have a problem. Sadly, I don’t think there’ll ever be a way to cure me of my habit. Mind you, it’s not like I want you to do so.
So, now for a little story. The real reason I started this particular blog and kept up with it for three years.

Prior to starting this blog, I’d been told so many times that I should write about this obsession. I usually shrugged it off as ludicrous or laughed this notion off as some sort of childish dream. Three years later, and not only (obviously) did I take the plunge into this particular wordy world, but I stuck with it. Was it ever my goal to make people happy? No. If I’d wanted to do that I’d have chosen to create stories or write poems about happier topics. Sharing my opinions about what I watch, negative or positive, was and will always be the goal. Starting conversations, with hopefully open minded and opinionated people, really only became a specific goal after I got my flow going. Hopefully, in some way, I managed to achieve this goal and then some. Hopefully during this time and during this process, I managed to open up new ways of thinking about something and exposed people to new things. Plus, which will always be a perk, I managed to put my degree to some use. Here’s hoping over on my new platform, now that I’ve returned to this familiar platform, I continue everything I started here and learnt from my time over there. I truly think it’ll be quite valuable and worth my time.

The writing going back three years (in case you forgot how long it’s been, assuming you made it this far down in this area), is drastically different from what I ended up with, so hopefully, along with enjoying the content and reflecting back on that time, if you paid any attention to it and have it stored in some obscure part of your brain, it can make you laugh. When I think about how I was writing back then, it amuses me to no end. It makes me giggle.

And as always, you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@stevgor_) for continued conversations and insights into what else interests me and keeps me ready with one opinion or another. What? You really thought my only interest was film and television? 


19 thoughts on “All About Me Or (Why I Spend Time On This Platform)

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