At First Glance: “Girlboss”

It wouldn’t be a new month without a new original series coming from the biggest name in streaming. The people in charge know you have plenty of time to watch what’s new, on top of all the returning shows and other original programming that’s put out. And I can’t forget the other acquired content. What’s sleep? Who needs that? You’ve got your new best friend and can’t wait to obsess over what types of antics she gets into. Everything else, per usual with Netflix, can wait.

The upcoming Netflix Original Series “Girlboss”, inspired by the book “#Girlboss” by Sophia Amoruso, looks like fun, but doesn’t seem to have much of a hook. Maybe I’ll have to watch the series and let it spell it out for me. Yes, this move is unusual as I feel I typically go in knowing what to expect. Not so here. However, that’s okay, as I have faith. It’s Netflix after all. How often has the company let me down? Wait. I honestly don’t have an answer. I’d have to reevaluate each show I watch. That could take awhile. That could take awhile. Let’s just dive into what this trailer offers!

“Know What Your Shit’s Worth”


That’s the question of the moment. What is Netflix’s shit worth? In this case, I’m wondering as it relates to my time. Will this show be worth the roughly 13 hours I’d spend with it? Will it just be slightly entertaining, but still not fully telling me why I should care about any of the characters? Of course, that’s assuming I even make it past episode one. I’ve done that before. Start a #TVseries only to abandon it and wait several months, if not longer, before finishing it. Where will this series end up?

While it’s not a bad set of questions, they’re not ones I ever thought I’d be asking. I guess that’s the thing with this streaming platform. People just assume it’s all amazing and never really question whether it’s content is truly that great. Well, here I am, and it’s a bit weird.

While I’m not too certain about this new series, I can’t deny that there isn’t something within this trailer that’s making me excited. That would be lead actress, Britt Robertson. I’ve seen her in various things, and actually enjoyed her performances and characters, but this is different. She’s the lead. In fact, she’s the only reason I got excited about “Tomorrowland”, which I still have to watch, but before it bombed at the box office, I was thrilled! And of course it extends beyond just her. It’s her character. There’s something about Robertson’s character that I just like. I found her instantly captivating and someone I’d want to know. Perhaps it was just her approach to, well, everything. It’s just refreshing. While this may just be all superficial, I’m okay with that as it’s really the strongest reason for me to even check out the pilot.

The biggest reason why I’m uncertain about this series, even though the trailer says it’s “loosely based on real events”, is the fact that it looks like nothing more than some exciting TV movie. Mind you, if that’s what this was going to be, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. But, it’s not. So, it kind of is a bad thing. I think, mainly for me, it’s the fact that I know a thing or two about the real Amoruso, and so I’m not too sure how this is supposed to be a full fledged series. Again, even with it being “loosely based on real events”, where some liberties can be taken and a different narrative can then be possible, it still seems hard to envision where this show could go. Maybe that’s just my lack of an imagination coming through. Granted, I just thought about another Netflix series and how it’s really gone past its source material. “Orange is the New Black”, most likely has taken on many creative narratives not even slightly referenced in the original book. I guess there’s some hope then. If not, well, I won’t be watching long.

While I may love the craziness of the trailer and am intrigued enough to find out how Robertson’s character gets into most of these situations, I’m more disappointed by the fact that I am questioning it at all. Maybe with the company really amping up its original programming slate, it’s just some inevitable and natural way of weeding out the shows that would otherwise waste my precious time, which is already being stretched to the max as it is.

Expected Release: April 21, 2017 only on Netflix

Creator: Kay Cannon

Starring: Britt Robertson, Ellie Reed, Alphonso McAuley, Johnny Simmons and Dean Norris


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