At First Glance: “Paris Can Wait”

When it comes to film surprises, the best kind tend to be of the indie variety. With more freedom to tell a story, one that major studios wouldn’t dream of touching, there’s a better chance that the directors vision will remain intact. While it’s not a complete guarantee that the final film will be good, at least you’ll know that the director and writer will have tried something new. That’s more than you can say for most other studio films.

The upcoming Sony Pictures Classics film “Paris Can Wait” may have found a way to out charm “Eat Pray Love”. If it has, I’m okay with that. Sometimes with any film, all you need is one where you can truly escape. It doesn’t matter how, just so long as you do. Road trip type film are a good way, and it doesn’t hurt when a beautiful country is being seen along the way. While this comedy film will open in a little over a month, I think that’s too damn long for me to wait! I need to see this film now!!

What’s The Plot?


No, really, what’s the plot? I have no idea. Yes, I see that there’s a beautiful and amazing road trip happening, but that can’t really be it? That’s too simple. Too dull, which really sounds weird to say after watching the trailer three times. I’m thinking there’s more than the editor let in, which itself seems a little weird. Hopefully this film isn’t going to pull a “Collateral Beauty”.

While I’m not too certain on what the overall plot is, I’m, for now, okay with that. Everything else in the trailer looks gorgeous and is enough of a distraction. The food, the wine (seriously, the wine!!) and the locations are transporting and captivating me already. If this were some sort of docu-series with Diane Lane leading us through various European countries, I’d be okay with that. Mind you, right now, that’s really what this is looking like. Still, I’m okay with that. It’s Lane! It’s been too long since I saw her in something that genuinely looked interesting. I’m just really hoping that whatever the rest of the plot is, it actually gives her enough to do and be genuinely worth watching and getting excited about. The fact that she’s who she is can only take you so far.

One reason why I’m really wanting to know what the rest of the film’s story is, is because it would change how I feel about the whole road trip and romance angle that’s more than clear. I’m fine with characters in films just finding some brief moment of happiness and fun, only to end up returning to the real world. It can be a really good distraction. But in this film, Lane’s character is married to Alec Baldwin. How is this and the romance angle supposed to work? Is she supposed to discover something about herself along the way? Cheat on Baldwin? What? Or is there something else going on entirely? If this were a film about Lane traveling around France by herself and she wasn’t married, then that might be one thing. You could tell any kind of story with that. But here, the married part is getting in the way.

I have faith in this film, but I just wish the rest of the plot was as clear as all the fun and laughter that’ll be had the rest of the time. Sure if this were a straight comedy I could see there little need to fill in the blanks with a lot of drama, but at the same time, I’d still expect something that would give me a much clearer picture. Hopefully the film lives up to my expectations. While not terribly high, they’re high enough to disappoint me a great deal.

Expected Release Date: May 12, 2017

Written and Directed: Eleanor Coppola

Starring: Diane Lane, Arnaud Viard and Alec Baldwin


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