Another First Glance: “Alien: Covenant”

Surprise, surprise!! That’s what the company releasing this film seems to like doing. First it was on Christmas Eve, and now, even with it being slightly annoying, it’s today. I can’t believe this is what we’re being treated to. If this film doesn’t do phenomenally at the box office in May, then there’ll be no hope for any more films in this franchise, no matter the director or the intent. Continue reading


31 Days of Oscar: “Mighty Joe Young (1949)”


When it comes to the classic film, there’s not much you can do. Watch it and then decide. Do you like it? Did it teach you anything? Did you finish the film the first time or need two or three more attempts? What’s there will never change, and unfortunately what may have looked great at the time, can’t look like anything more than bad. Continue reading

‘Tis The Season: “2017 Academy Awards: Winners”


Awards season is finally coming to a close. It’s been a long journey for a lot of films and while so many of them seem to be shoe-ins for wins, there’s always the unexpected. Last year, like every year, that I’ve been really paying attention, saw the release of a lot of good and high profile films, along with enough bad films to make you want to curl up into a ball and cry. While it seems unfair at times that only a select few get continuous positive coverage, it’s just the way the game works. Sometimes it’s warranted and other times it’s just plain bizarre. However, even if only a handful of films keep being praised so highly, it doesn’t mean that others aren’t just as good. It just means they couldn’t cut through all the noise, good and bad. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Lolita (1962)”


With classic films it’s never too predictable on whether or not you’ll like the film. You may have high hopes and an open mind, but sometimes none of that will matter. The film, for many reasons, one probably being time, just can’t do whatever it once did. Of course, like with all films, be they classics or contemporary films, there could be other factors affecting the way you ultimately respond to the finished product. Such is the case here, and it really, more so than other instances, serves as a great lesson I’ll probably end up ignoring. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season: “2017 Acade Winners: Predictions”


It’s that time once again! The predicting of the winners for this year’s Academy Awards!! While it’s never an easy endeavor, or one with any actual scientific knowledge or knowledge in general on my part, it’s still fun to take part in. I’m not sure why or when that happened, but for the last few years I’ve decided to deliberately take the time and select who I hope wins. Continue reading

31 Days of Oscar: “Jaws”


The modern day creature feature genre of film can largely be attributed to this particular one. Not only did it give rise to one of the most iconic characters in film, among other iconic moments, but it set a very specific standard. This standard is seldom even close to having been reached, but it shows just how much fun can be had when making a normal animal a kind of villain in the story. Continue reading