354 Opportunities To Broaden Your Film Horizons With ‘31 Days Of Oscar’


It comes but once a year, and it’s well worth the wait. The annual celebration of film known as the “31 Days of Oscar”, presented by Turner Classic Movies (TCM), is now only days away. It’s the perfect opportunity for cinephiles to watch as many classics as they can!

If you’re just getting into film, in a much more meaningful way, or are a veteran who’s still trying to watch as many before they die, this is the program for you! An assortment of classic films all in one place, all month long, all as a lead up to the main event, the 2017 Academy Awards! It certainly seems like an arduous task, but if planned correctly or as close to correct as can possibly be, which itself is subjective, it may indeed prove to be the most fun you’ll have with films in any year.

This year, the month long program, will unveil past Oscar nominated and winning films from A to Z, with a new letter being featured each day. This particular celebration of film begins Feb. 1, 2017 and ends on March 3 which may be a few days after this year’s Oscars ceremony, but is still worth sticking around for. It’s also why you’ll start seeing more and more pieces (hopefully) titled with “31 Days of Oscar”.

I’m not too sure what it is that drew me to this program or TCM as a whole, but something did. Yes, I get the answer is primarily film, but I feel my attraction to this network somehow goes beyond that. I can say with certainty, however, that it is what’s really opened my eyes to so many films, and in some ways, although not set in stone, my current viewing habits were formed. They’ve drastically changed over the last 10 years, at least. It’s because of this network, that at one point, I even downloaded the TCM app, called WatchTCM, and would try and catch as many of the movies as I could. How could I not?!

Which is how I find myself here, wanting to share my love of classic films, some which are only now really beginning to show old age, and why this event and the network, should be watched. In short, I’m offering up multiple challenges. It’s certainly why I keep coming back each year.

The main challenge is to simply watch as many as you can. By going here, you can find this year’s complete list of films and when they’ll be shown. Peruse it, think about it, print it out or write down the film’s you want to try and see. They don’t have to be new ones to you; maybe they’re ones you’ve seen six times already. Whatever the count, try and make time to experience a film from long ago! However, that’s where the challenge comes into play. Last year, my first time trying to watch and write about all the films I saw, showed me how difficult this can be. With so many options, how do you keep up? In the end I only ended up successfully watching writing about three films. “The Deer Hunter”, “Meet Me in St. Louis” and “Them!”. I guess I set too big a goal. But that’s also where it can be fun! The idea of picking and choosing, after you’ve already selected a given list, can mean figuring out which ones may be highest on your list of “must see films”. Are there any you’ll really be okay skipping? Have you always had this crushing desire to see a given film, but never had the opportunity to do so before? Maybe it’s something else entirely.

What can be achieved? That’s now the question of the moment. Well, lots of things can be. This also serves as a second challenge, too. You will have given yourself a chance to see if you like a given film from way back when. Maybe even finish a film. With the film’s chosen for this program, you’re given a lot of options from the majority of the previous decades. The only downside to this event is that there aren’t that many “recent” films. One of the most recent years of this event, saw the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy be shown in its entirety, and this year, a musical that turned 10 at the end of last year is slated to air during this celebration. So, there can occasionally be some surprises amongst the many expected titles.

So, how many films are you going to strive for this year? Let me know and join the challenge!

And just for kicks, the TCM 31 Days of Oscar announcement video! Even the video’s worth getting excited about!


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