At First Glance: “Alien: Covenant”

Christmas came early!! It’s the best present I’ll probably get this year! I was originally sad that I’d have to wait until tomorrow, but at the same time, I had resigned myself to that. This is one time I love being surprised.

The upcoming 20th Century Fox film, “Alien: Covenant”, looks all kinds of terrifying and familiar, while opening up viewers to many more questions than before.

This horror thriller stars Katherine Waterston (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, “Steve Jobs”), Michael Fassbender (upcoming “Weightless”, “Assasins Creed”), Billy Crudup (upcoming “20th Century Women”, “Jackie”), Danny McBride (“Vice Principals”, “The Angry Birds Movie”), Demian Bichir (“Good Kids”, “The Hateful Eight”), Carmen Ejogo (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, “Born to Be Blue”), Amy Seimetz (“Halt and Catch Fire”, “Stranger Things”), Jussie Smollet (upcoming episodes “Empire”, “Underground”), Callie Hernandez (“La La Land”, “Blair Witch”), Nathaniel Dean (“The Aquarium (Short 2015)”, “Alone (Short 2015)”), Alexander England (“Offspring”, “Down Under”), and Benjamin Rigby (“Lion”, “The Secret River”).

The film is directed by Ridley Scott (“The Martian”, “Exodus: Gods and Kings”) and written by John Logan (“Penny Dreadful”, “Genius”).

The film is expected to open on May 19, 2017.For the sake of time, and my sanity, I’m forgoing tradition and just going to dive right in!

There’ s so much in that trailer! And that it’s a red band trailer, even more exciting!! It mostly shows that Scott is serious about delivering a hard R rated film. It’s really the only way to tell this type of story. I’m so glad the studio or other execs have not tried to force him into something less than that.

I have to admit, I was a little scared. While that’s just a taste of what we’ll no doubt get, I’m excited. It worked. It also has me asking questions. How did the crew of the Covenant get to this planet? Is this planet LV-426? The other planet (LV-223) from “Prometheus? I ask that one as a few shots look like the planet from the previous film. Also, there’s an Engineers ship, which happens to be in the familiar fallen stance as in the original “Alien” film. Perhaps it’s not the one that crashed on LV-223, but really Noomie Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw’s ship. Speaking of Rapace. Where was she and Fassbender’s David? I was surprised not to see them. I heard that the Fassbender character we see in this film’s trailer is named Walter. Walter? What happened to the letter E? In every “Alien” related film, the android’s have all had names in alphabetical order. Why change that now?

Okay, okay, okay. I better slow down. I’m getting way ahead of myself and even just getting out of control. I’m THAT excited!! Plus, you should see the typing mistakes I’m making. Mavis Beacon would be most displeased.

What is there to say? I know I have other questions, based on what I saw through the three times I watched the trailer, but I’m trying to not overanalyze the trailer than need be. I’ll leave that to the people who take 500 screenshots of a two and a half minute trailer.

Okay. First off, there’s the familiar set design. I noticed it with the first shot of a Covenant ship corridor. I’m so glad Scott and company wanted to keep that ascetic going. It certainly brings about a darker and eerie quality to the film. Thus far, from the little we saw of them, I’m liking the new crew. We got a decent look at Waterston’s character, saw Crudup for a bit, and mostly quick flashes of everyone else. I think Ejogo may have been the woman locked in the room with whichever crew member was infected. Man that was nasty! I’m sure in the film, it’s going to be an amazing sequence!

God I feel like there’s so much more to see. Perhaps one more viewing of the trailer will be fine.

[two minutes and fourteen seconds later]

And it was just as amazing as the the other times! WOW!! I’m never gonna tire of seeing this trailer or hearing news about it.

I’ve also discovered that there isn’t much else to nitpick and obsess over. Everything else, like with the “Prometheus” trailer form four years ago, just goes by super fast and showcases all kinds of amazing destruction and mayhem!! You really can’t have one of these films without that. Whatever causes it, out of need or accident, I’m sure it’ll look incredible. I’m excited for this story. I’m not too sure what it is, and the trailer certainly doesn’t tell you about it, but time will tell. For now, this is a fantastic look, and a wonderful Christmas present!

Now, for a few more questions, assuming I can remember what they are.

My main one is about the film itself, in relation to the franchise overall. It’s been stated that Scott originally wanted to slowly build a bridge to his original film. While he did that a little with “Prometheus”, I know a lot of people weren’t too pleased with the final result. I was not one of them. However, I’d also heard, that by doing these films, it would give Scott and his creative teams, time to show the evolution of the Xenomorph. Again, we got that by the end of “Prometheus” but I thought we were still a long way off. If so, why is there a familiar egg showing up and a face hugger making its appearance by latching onto Crudup’s face? I think that was him? This film’s teaser poster and end of trailer also show a very familiar looking alien, so how did we get to him so quickly? If these two characters are in the film, what’s the thing coming out of that Covenant crew member’s back? See, over analyzing. They’re great questions and teases, but now it’s going to bug me so much, I’ll probably just end up irritated. I also want to know, what are those pod looking things? One character stepped on one, and a familiar looking black ooze rose up and entered a man’s ear. Who was it and what was that goo? Was that growth like from whatever David messed with and contaminated that Prometheus crew member?

Okay, okay, okay!! Again, getting carried away. For a first glance, this is one helluva way to do it. I could go either way on most teaser trailers, but this one, this one gets it right. I’m officially on board!! I can’t wait for this film to hit theater’s, and the fact that it’s near enough to my birthday, just makes it feel even more special.


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