At First Glance: “The Good Fight”

Right after reboots or revivals, spin-offs come in as the most obnoxious type of show there is. For every one successful and genuinely good one, there are several crappy entries, that quickly and rightly, end. With so many on the air, particularly if you’re one specific network, it’s hard to get excited about what seems like more of the same. If only there were a clear sign that this new show has a lot of potential.

The upcoming CBS Television Studios series “The Good Fight” looks like all kinds of fun, but more importantly, it looks fresh, even with familiar faces returning.

This legal drama stars Christine Baranski (“Trolls”, “The Big Bang Theory”), Cush Jumbo (“The Good Wife”, “Vera”), Rose Leslie (“Morgan”, “Luther”), Delroy Lindo (upcoming “Battlecreek”, “Blood & Oil”), Sarah Steele (“Bull”, “The Good Wife”), Erica Tazel (“Gubagude Ko (Short 2016)”, “Roots (2016)”).

The series is created by Robert and Michelle King (“BrainDead”, “The Good Wife”).

It is expected to begin airing on Feb. 19, 2017 on CBS All Access with the pilot airing first on CBS.I can’t believe it! I really can’t! It seems like such a short time since word was coming out that this show was going to be a thing at all. At that point I was skeptical. Then the cast was being assembled and I was a bit more interested. And now, along with some pictures and plot details, there’s this trailer. It may only be 30 seconds, but it achieves everything it needs to. I’m fully on board!

What’s not to love?!

Okay. Full disclosure. I’m biased. Well, at least when it comes to the King’s and when it comes to this show. I’ve seen two things that they’ve created, and absolutely loved them both! I’m also a huge fan of “The Good Wife” and thus am so thrilled to see Baranski and Jumbo return! I can’t wait to see what these two amazing women are up to now.

I probably could’ve said that shorter, but somehow I found that they seemed like separate issues.

While there was only one continuous line of dialogue, said by Baranski’s Diane Lockhart, followed by all sorts of fast images that just scream “Watch me!”, it was enough. I was instantly back within a city (and special world) that’d I’d only just left seven months ago. I immediacy got a smile on my face and paid attention for the rest of the time. Even doing so had me missing things, and I wanted to know what they were. That’s how crazy it all was! While this may not be a show that thrives off of the same type of crazy and juicy drama as “Scandal” or “How to Get Away With Murder”, or any other show like it (not that it’s not fun), it doesn’t have to. If the previous show (“The Good Wife”, I really gotta stop typing it) is any indicator, this series will only need compelling and complex character’s, fascinating and fun cases, and character driven stories which push the show forward.

Speaking of character’s, as if I wasn’t already, there are new character’s! As of right now, according to the teaser, I spot Leslie and Lindo! I’m so thrilled! When was the last time anyone saw Lindo in something good? I honestly have no answer for that, but as I know he’ll deliver, I’m confident that his character will be a great addition. Leslie is just exciting because of the previous work she’s done. She was on “Game of Thrones” for a while, and “Downton Abbey”. Not bad. I personally loved seeing these two contrasting women, especially when she came back to the final “Downton Abbey” season and that character was so drastically different than before. If I’m not discouraged by these two additions, then I don’t think anything will move me away from this new series.

And, of course, the potential for other returning characters! How can I not be thrilled about that?! In the teaser alone we already saw David Lee, played so brilliantly on “The Good Wife” by Zachary Grenier. If he’s around, even in a much smaller capacity, he’ll definitely be aiming to stir things up and create trouble. I’ve also heard that Carrie Preston (Elsbeth Tascioni) will be returning as well! See?! It’s already shaping up to be well worth it, even if you didn’t watch before. That’s the beauty of jumping ahead a year.

The fact that the King’s are back for this, along with (hopefully) many of the crew from the original series, just helps ease my fears. I’m confident this show will work, which is also what makes me sad that this series will only be showing on CBS All Access. I say that not simply to put it down, but mainly as I’m sick of all these streaming platforms coming out. While it sounds great that broadcast networks want to do this, where it can also put up classic shows and charge a decent low price, it just sounds opportunistic. There’s no real reason why something like this exists, and the fact that CBS and those in charge think they’re going to be able to compete with all the other well established platforms, is laughable. I also say this as we’ve been hearing about it for some time now, plus the desire for original content, and up until now, we’ve not really seen anything come to fruition. Granted, that has to do with getting it right, but still, it’s a bit maddening. Anyway. I guess this will really prove if the networks stand a chance of standing alone, whereas before it was sell the rights to Netflix and Hulu. If not, then it could spell a certain doom upon the broadcast networks.

While I do find spin-off’s to be annoying, and they seldom work, I’ve picked a few to watch.i can’t deny that they’re entertaining on some level, but that doesn’t mean that they’re good. There’s always some other show out there that can balance out the other less than stellar shows. While I’m truly optimistic for this one, it doesn’t keep me from noting that, yes, maybe I’ll not find it as intriguing from the start. I missed “The Good Wife” (damn it! Did I again) from the start, but when I caught up I knew I’d made a great choice. And it only got better with age. I can only hope that this series at least reaches this level of greatness.


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