At First Glance: “The Mummy (2017)”

Reboots seldom seem to be more than a quick cash crab for studios. They can spin it all they want, but rarely are they worth your time. Just a constant repetition of the same thing from last year and the year before. I truly can’t think of a rebooted series that had me pleased by the time the credits started rolling.

The upcoming Universal Pictures film “The Mummy”, looks like too much of the same and it lacks any amount of fun, thus making it too serious.

This action remake stars Tom Cruise (“Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”), Annabelle Wallis (upcoming “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”, “Come and Find Me”), Sofia Boutella (upcoming “The Coldest City”, “Star Trek Beyond”), Jake Johnson (upcoming episodes “New Girl”, “Easy”), Courtney B. Vance (upcoming “Office Christmas Party”, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”), and Russell Crowe (“The Nice Guys”, “Fathers & Daughters”).

The film is directed by Alex Kurtzman (“People Like Us”, “Alias”) and written by Jon Spaihts (upcoming “Passengers”, “Doctor Strange”).

It is expected to open on June 9, 2017.
I’ve been hesitant about this film since it was announced. I just saw no way, especially with the overall plan the studio has for this film, for this film to be at all worth it. Then, surprisingly as well, I began to give up hope another way. The trailer was announced for a release today, and that’s what happened, but it took several hours. I began to wonder if the studio knew something about the film that we didn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised. And after viewing, what I’m going to assume is a teaser, I’m back to hating the idea that this film exists. I’m thinking that no amount of star power is going to save this film from critics, fans, and any other type of viewer.

Fist off, this teaser was annoying. It’s short, and in that limited amount of time it wasted all but about 50 seconds. How did it do that? Playing one long clip, which is probably a whole scene and sequence. Then it threw out random shit that just looks tired and quite telling.

Now, normally I’m excited for action films, but here, probably because this is a film starring Cruise, I’m less so. I’m even more uninterested because it’s a reboot/remake or some other thing with a word that means the same damn thing. I’m also biased, as I love the original 1999 remake film series.

But, as this is all about the trailer, let’s keep it that way.

The bulk of what this is trying to do is captivate you with action sequences. It’s an action film, so it makes sense. However, like I mentioned above, it just looks tired. I see that as a sign this isn’t really going to be anything new. We’ve seen this action film before. Pretty much everything Cruise has done in the last 16 years, at least. I’m not too thrilled for that. At least with “Edge of Tomorrow” there were many different and exciting aspects to go along with stellar action sequences. I can’t say I feel that way about this film at all.

Also at issue, which has me intrigued and not. Cruise clearly dies, but comes back to life. Umm… What? It just sounds so dumb. Now, why is that? This is kind of a fantasy film too, so it’s doable, yet, it doesn’t seem right in this film. Well, this film appears to lack the fun that the Brendan Fraser films had. They were more adventure film and knew how to make sure it wasn’t all serious. This film doesn’t have that at all. I guess, if I ever see it, I’ll find out how Spaihts makes that whole thing make sense.

My next issue, sadly, is with the mummy, Princess Ahmanet. It’s not because it’s a female mummy, played by Boutella, but because as of right now, we have no idea where she came from. What’s the culture? Location? Anything like that. The way she looks, at least to me, I can’t get any kind of read on what type of society she once lived in. I also could do without the double iris’s, but that and the rest of her look is an issue for another day. Another thing that will need really good explanations for. I say this, again, being biased, but because that’s why I like the Fraser films, even the third. It was all about Ancient Egypt and Egyptology, archeology, etc. I was fascinated with that as a kid and it made the film’s that much more fun and accessible. With this trailer and film, I feel some of that might not at all exist. It’s an action film first.

Oh! And one thing I wonder about, which will also need a good explanation, why is she doing whatever she’s doing? What’s her purpose? Destruction apparently, but I feel like that’s not enough. That there’s more. If that’s the case then, at least that’s similar, but as it’s similar to too many other film’s, it’s a tad annoying. Did I mention I’m biased?

This reboot and universe building trend really needs to end. It’s not great and seldom are the film’s. I love action films, but at the same time there needs to be a certain level of fresh that’s achieved. For now I’ll just be annoyed and content disliking this film. Yes, this was a teaser, but, if the goal was to excite me, it didn’t work. I’m semi-intrigued, but not enough to be fully on board for this new (not) Cruise film, where he does the same thing once more.


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