On Second Thought: “Entrapment”

The holidays are a busy time. So busy in fact, that even finding a good holiday themed film can become a chore. Not helping in this endeavor, the lack of good holiday film’s to choose from. Once you’ve done the on point ones, what’s left? Films that can loosely be called holiday themed. If I’m going with that search criteria, then I’ll pretty much take anything. It beats not having one to celebrate the holidays with. Continue reading


20 Years On: “Evita”

The movie musical is a staple. One adaptation after another, with nary an original thought to be had before the next one graces our screens. It’s a wonder filmgoers haven’t revolted by now. Perhaps it’s just the endearing power of both mediums to tell compelling and fun stories. Whatever it is, people will keep turning out when successful and high profile musicals get turned into must see films. Continue reading

10 Years: “Pan’s Labyrinth”

The thing with time and films is that some film’s need longer gaps between viewings. It’s the only way that what made them special in the first place remains in tact. Watching a given film over and over each year, while no doubt fun, might have the adverse effect of reducing what makes the film so incredibly unique. Going on certain trips may no longer be fun or magical, but routine and boring. If that’s the case, why bother at all? Continue reading

20 Years On: “The People vs. Larry Flynt”

Some film’s just have to be seen to be believed. They may sound crazy and silly, but are they? That depends on who’s watching. What may be a strange film for one may in fact be an amazing piece of cinema for another. Sometimes too, time can play an interesting role in whatever experience is had. Continue reading

10 Years: “Children of Men”

When revisiting films, you sometimes have to be ready to be disappointed. There’s a reason you’ve avoided a film for so long, and with a new viewing, you may in fact find out what that is. Time will never help you nor will it hurt you. It’ll just bet there as a reminder of how long it took for you to realize a given film is not for you. Continue reading

10 Years: “Notes on a Scandal”

Time can do all sorts of things to a single film. Depending on how old you were when you first encountered it, it could be a familiar film, but one with new meaning. It could very well be a film that is beginning to show its age. Or, which seems to be the rarest result of time, it could be a film that feels just as it did the first time. Every emotion can be experienced and a newfound enjoyment, appreciation, or even love of the film can be had. Continue reading

10 Years: “Black Christmas (2006)”

Tis the season to be jolly! or so they say. Those people probably didn’t sit down to watch this horror holiday themed film. If they had, they’d be looking for something to perk them right up! Some sort of spiked drink, or just go straight to the source. Perhaps even time with family of all sorts, it’s certainly gotta be better than what’s contained within this 84 minute film. If not, then nothing will do the trick, and you may as well give up on Christmas and the holidays altogether. Continue reading