At First Glance: “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

The television reboot/revival craze isn’t going anywhere. While it’s obnoxious that it’s a thing at all, most haven’t proven being well worth it, from either being bad on some level or not showing that it was worth being brought back at all. But every now and then some reboots seem to stem from a completely different mindset, and only need to achieve that level of success.

The upcoming Warner Bros. Entertainment miniseries “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”, looks as familiar and entertaining as any one fan could hope for. After all, that is who it’s for.

This comedy drama stars Lauren Graham (“Middle School: The Worst Years of My life”, “Joshy”), Alexis Bledel (“Emily & Tim”, “Jenny’s Wedding”), Scott Patterson (“”), Keiko Agena (“Grimm”, “Twisted”), Yanic Truesdale (“Sing It!”, “The Fixer”), Milo Ventimiglia (upcoming episodes “This Is Us”, “Ultimate Spider-Man”), Sean Gunn (upcoming “The Belko Experiment”, “Ordinary World”), Matt Czuchry (“The Good Wife”, “The 19th Wife”), and Kelly Bishop (“The Good Wife”, “Flesh and Bone”).

The series is created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (“Bunheads”, “The Return of Jezebel James”).

The series is expected to debut on Nov. 25, 2016 on Netflix. How I managed to not talk about this before now is beyond me. I guess I just got so hung up on October’s many scares, and life, that I failed to adequately plan for this. And now that it’s five days until the series premier, well, now’s as good a time as ever. Throw in the fact that there’s a new trailer with new footage! How can one not get excited about that?

If it wasn’t clear before, it’s clearer now, this is for the fans. I know that reasoning itself could be used for every other reboot/revival series that’s come before, currently on air, or will soon be airing, but somehow it feels different. I look at “24: Live Another Day” and the fact that after a decent and suspenseful 12 episodes, it ended in almost the same exact way the original series did. What was the point of bringing it back, if the writers were just going to repeat the previous open ended ending? I thought half the point of this reboot was to bring some sense of closure? Something satisfying for those who made it obvious they wanted more.

I look at something like the “Veronica Mars” movie as a reboot that understood this idea. Creator, Rob Thomas (“iZombie”) knew this from the start. So he and series star Kristen Bell (“The Good Place”) went to Kickstarter, which allowed for fans to fund the film and make a proper ending and closure possible, something that the original “24” series had the opportunity to do, but didn’t. “Gilmore Girls” is a bit of both. Yes the series got the chance to end, but without Sherman-Palladino, it may as well have just ended after season six. And now there’s this revival. Probably one of the few that seems to have people genuinely excited about its existence. Fans will finally get the closure they deserve. And the wait will most definitely have been worth it.

So what exactly is there to be excited about? Better question, what isn’t there?

It’s going to have just about everything any fan could ask for. And while Melissa McCarthy (“Ghostbusters (2016)” wasn’t shown in this trailer, we already know she’ll be back for at least one of the episodes, so there’s that. But everything else is a dream come true! People will be returning to Stars Hollow and reuniting with familiar characters, even if sometimes they’re too quirky for their own good.

There’s also going to be witty banter, delivered at a pace most people could only dream of achieving. A surprisingly good balance of comedy and drama, which will allow for many of the small town’s residence to be just as quirky as you remember and fall in love with them all over again. And the mother/daughter relationship just works, even when it seems so strange. Did I forget to mention the coffee? There will be lots of coffee!

While it’s fun to joke a little about this, there’s one thing I do wonder about. Will these character’s be in places in their lives that not only make sense, but are worth so many people catching up on? I’ve seen a few shows, even when not revivals that try and use time as a way to allow for fresh creativity, only to have it backfire in some way. Here, like with “Veronica Mars”, it not only makes sense to skip so many years, but it allows for vast amounts of previously unused storylines to come about, even if only as a passing reference Will this also be the case here?

One we know about is that former “Gilmore Girls” cast member Edward Hermann (“The Practice”) will be honored. Hermann died in 2014 and his death is a plot element. For me, the better question is, will this approach be best? Sherman-Palladino isn’t making Herman’s character’s death a past event, but a recent one, hence the funeral. I’m reminded of “Brothers & Sisters”, where this approach to death didn’t work out at all. It was just too silly and took out some of the emotional drama that could’ve made the impact and subsequent episodes even more effective. Hopefully with this revival, everything works out the way it’s supposed to.

As they say, fans make it all possible. This is true, but none more so than right now. Thinking about it a little, mostly because of this new trailer and writing it here, it’s really evident. After Netflix acquired streaming rights, it seems more and more people began watching and talking about it. And so, we all find ourselves here. A revival that has many over the moon with anticipation. Closure will finally be able to be had and everyone will get the chance to spend more time with character’s they thought they’d previously said goodbye to. Most importantly, fans will finally get to know those four final words that Sherman-Palladino has kept to herself. Until now.


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