Another First Glance: “La La Land”

Musical comedies seem all but a distant memory. Sure musicals still exist, but usually they’re just adaptations of something from years, if not decades ago. Originality, when it comes to the musical film, doesn’t exist anymore. Perhaps that’s about to change. However, will it be for the better? Or, as with all trends or resurgences, will we only see films that wish they were like the one that started it all?

The upcoming Summit Entertainment film “La La Land”, looks to be just as magical, entertaining, and exciting as I’ve come to believe it will be.

This musical comedy stars Ryan Gosling (“The Nice Guys”, “The Big Short”) and Emma Stone (“Maya & Marty”, “Irrational Man”).

The film is written and directed by Damien Chazelle (“10 Cloverfield Lane”, “Whiplash”).

The film is expected to open in a limited capacity on Dec. 9, 2016 before opening wide on Dec. 16.
This is a surprise I can live with! Of all the trailers that debuted today, and there were some pretty exciting ones, this is the one I chose first! Why? It’s the one with footage that I care the most about. That’s how excited I am about this film. I am so ready to see this film, and hate that I’ll have to wait until the 16th of December to do so, if not longer. I live in an area that’s not known for its theater’s picking the best movies to show. Sometimes they get it right, other times it’s crap. Seriously, the stuff they have now just baffles me. It’s the lowest of the low and not even making any money, yet, it’s there. Still. Maybe these theater’s will surprise me later on, but I doubt it. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the amazing stuff I saw in this trailer!

I don’t think I can do this piece. I can’t write it! There’s too much to say, but most of it’s probably just going to come out in some incoherent string of sentences, that ultimately take on the resemblance of a run on sentence.

I say this, not as someone who’s trying to get out of writing this, because I could’ve just avoided even writing about it all together, but as someone who would probably just keep repeating himself over and over.

So, I’ll say this instead, and you’ll accept it.

Watch the trailer!

That will give you everything you want, which is the point of a trailer, but in this case, it’ll certainly show you why I feel the way I do about this film.

I’ve seen this trailer now three times. Three times!! And each time I just felt the same way.

Overly excited! Over the moon!! So over the moon actually!! It’s not even funny. So incredibly giddy. Plus, which is a good sign, there was a lot of laughter. Oh my god! I’m, even now mentioning it, I’m just all smiles and it’s amazing!

Okay. Back on topic, for a little bit.

There’s clearly some amazing chemistry going on between Stone and Gosling, which isn’t nor should be surprising as they showcased this five years ago in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”. In this case, more so than that time, it’ll be instrumental. This film can’t succeed without us as an audience believing they’re falling in love. Plus there’s whatever other trials they must go through, and lean on each other to, hopefully, overcome. I think it’ll be there, and that’s not just from the cute and funny scenes that had dialogue, but everything in the trailer. It’s from everything we don’t hear. There’s so much and I’m in awe of how it looks so effortless and fun. I can’t wait.

This trailer also shows us an incredible scope! This film is huge! Everything is so lavish and gives you an easy look into the world Chazelle is creating. I also love that nothing seems to go over the top. It could’ve, but there appears to be a great balance between all elements. I can’t wait to go gliding through this story and the world in which Stone and Gosling will be inhabiting. I think my mind, like right now, is going to be blown.

Another great thing, which I wasn’t sure how this trailer would handle it, but it was good enough, is the music. I’ve looked into the song titles and who is responsible for them, and I’m excited about them. We’ve heard snippets from two of them already, but that’s it. Until now. I’m not sure which song it is, but the way it slowly plays throughout this trailer just builds the trailer’s level of excitement! If it weren’t for this song, perfectly timed to various scenes, I don’t think I could’ve been as moved as I was. Remember, over the moon and a big smile on my face. As the song built up, so too did the happy and musical aspects of this film that will no doubt stick with all of us.

The modern musical is an enigma. So often we get great or decent adaptations of musicals, but those have existed for years and years. Once in a blue moon, like good horror films, you can get a good musical film. Before this one, I think the last original musical we got was “Burlesque”. It’s certainly the only one that jumps to mind. While this film will probably work its magic on me many times over, and I’ll be forever grateful for Chazelle, I doubt it’s going to suddenly make me excited for a deluge of these films to come out over the course of a few years.


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