On Second Thought: “Halloween (1978)”

Classic films tend to be held in high regard, and most with good reason. However, depending on how much time has passed, that reason or reasons, may not be as clear anymore. What once worked is but a fleeting memory and only good for those seeking to study a film in depth. The only glimmer of hope left for a classic film, of any sort, is that someone not previously exposed to it, will take a chance and be entertained. That could come about in many ways, but at the least, they’ll come away having learned something, and hopefully, better yet, discovering a new film they can’t live without. Continue reading


On Second Thought: “Child’s Play 2”

Sequels are tough. Sequels to classic films a bit more so. Depending on when you watch the sequel, be it the second or fifth or seventh, it could be the best thing in the world. Or, which happens a lot in horror, it could just be mindless fun. Neither good nor bad, but part of a series you enjoy seeing time and again. Sometimes, it really is all about the deaths. Continue reading

TV Movie: “The Night Before Halloween”

Malevolent entities. They’re not apparently that bad to encounter. If they were, how could we keep returning to movies about them? Probably the simple fact that there’s something fun about unknown entities terrorizing people. No matter the story, there’s no shortage of fun terror to be had. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “Child’s Play”

Some horror films will always be scary. A few collective elements still have sway over us, probably due to first experiencing it during childhood, and that’ll be enough to scare us once more. It’s not so much that the film is completely scary, like the first time, but that we can never fully shake the fear that comes with a given nightmare inducing horror creation. Continue reading

10 Years: “Saw III”

Sometimes the third time only reveals what we already knew. Some films can only achieve one level of enjoyable. No amount of reworking a film’s story is ever going to change that. On the plus side, it’s what the fans want. For better or worse, those who turned out and made the film’s the successes they are, got exactly what they asked for, even if it’s beneath all levels considered good. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “Ghost Ship”

Ghost stories have been around for about as long as films have been made. Some are better than others and can stand the test of time. However, due to how long this type of film has been around, there’s seldom anything new that can be done. Once you’ve seen one ghost terrorizing someone, you’ve seen them all. Is it at all possible to make a ghost film scary, fun, and stand out on its own? Continue reading

On Second Thought: “The Ring Two”

Sequels that don’t pan out are just as sad as sequels nobody asked for. This is why we can’t have nice things. What happened to just enjoying a relatively original story, particularly when it was so well done the first time? Why must the first move be to ruin everything? If sequels are going to be forced on us, or given to us willingly, the least that can be done is to make it as good, if not better, than the original. Continue reading