At First Glance: “Fences”

A dramatic film isn’t hard to come by. A really good drama, that still seems like a rarity. Simply having incredibly talented actors and good performances isn’t enough. The story needs to be clear as that’s what will make or break the experience had whilst watching the film. Feeling misled isn’t tough to feel, but hopefully the trailer, the thing that’s meant to convince you to even consider seeing the film, does it’s job. Continue reading


Rewatch: “Brothers & Sisters”

What is family? That’s the question we no doubt all struggle with. How do we love those who are imperfect, make mistakes and cause problems, but whom we ultimately love. No matter what happens, we seem to always come back to family. If you don’t so easily, or are looking for inspiration or a better family, TV may have you covered. Depending on the type of program, there are countless television families from whom you can learn so much, as well as love them for who they are, warts and all. Continue reading

Pilot: “This Is Us”

When it comes to any drama series, it’s not too difficult to get into the story and find a way to like the characters, maybe even relate. But with most dramas, while you may care for the characters, the drama’s not typically rooted in anything that’s close to tangible. The situation’s character’s face may seem familiar, but there’s something still missing. Something that truly makes it a one of a kind must see drama. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Passengers”

Science fiction films may not have any trouble being fun and somewhat entertaining, but the likelihood of standing out among the rest, may be harder to achieve this way. So much seems to just be recycled from the previous films, both good and bad, and after awhile that gets tiresome. There’s got to be something, not just unique, but something that really draws people in and says this trip was worth it. It may not revolutionize the genre at all, but if it’s not been seen countless times before, it should do just fine. Continue reading

20 Years On: “The First Wives Club”

Some comedy films, no matter the age, are just one of a kind gems that never get old. They don’t even have to be the best films made, but they just have to be entertaining. If this is accomplished, anyone who watches will be able to enjoy what’s offered, and even discover some newer-old creative voices. It’s amazing what you can get from a comedy that’s been around for some time. Continue reading

Pilot: “The Good Place”

New comedies have it tough. How to get people to laugh at genuinely funny moments? So much has been done before, but most of it in the worst way possible. Yet, season after season, there’s a whole new crop of comedies that think what’s driving them will be enough. Usually it’s not. It’s not just in the lack of anything funny, but the story itself. You need both in order to even stand a chance. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season: “2016 Primetime Emmy Awards: Winners”

Award shows come every year, but mostly in a massive wave. You hardly have time to recover from the previous one, or two, when the next batch is upon you. It’s what makes awards season so exciting, especially as it honors film, but it’s also tiring. So much to keep track of and watch, how does one have time for anything else? So, when it does happen, that you have a lone awards show going on, it’s best to just enjoy the moment. It’ll be the last time you watch a ceremony and are completely relaxed. Continue reading