TV Movie: “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens”

The TV movie is a special type of entertainment program. Seldom are they any good, but once one airs, you’re not typically put through more craziness with the same characters. Unless, of course, there’s a whole franchise that’s been built and getting a new movie isn’t only expected once a year, but gleefully awaited by fans. Yes, actual fans. How did you think the franchise came to be? Continue reading


10 Years: “Miami Vice”

Some films are avoided for a reason. A person takes so many pains to ensure they don’t see a film, but sometimes it’s all for nothing. Sometimes curiosity wins over. When that curiosity is fueled by nothing more than coincidence, you have to wonder, how was all reason overcome by something as flimsy as that? Continue reading

10 Years: “Scoop”

Some comedy films can only be written by certain people. They don’t just have an understanding of what comedy is and how it should be handled, but they understand how to bring unique comedy, brought about by unique and memorable characters. If only everyone who wrote comedy had this skill, as it would mean there’s a reason to fork over hard earned money, and not regret it. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “The Bourne Legacy”

Some film series outlive their welcome. Sequel after sequel things just get more and more tiresome, even when they’re still mildly entertaining and fun. However, most don’t end up becoming a film series in name only. When that happens, what are you supposed to think? One thought is certainly that the film series should’ve ended with the third film. Maybe you’ll be surprised this time around. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “The Bourne Ultimatum”

Three strikes and you’re out! Okay, not the best phrase to use, but whatever. Some film do end up with three strikes, but don’t quit. So, no, it’s not always because your third film sucked, but because the trilogy set out to be made, has now been completed on a high note! That’s the trouble with films these days, they don’t know when to stop. Some sequels are needed to tell a full story, but after a point, it’s no longer about that. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “The Bourne Supremacy”

Sequels take a beating, and with good reason. Typically they’re just done for the sole purpose of a studio making some quick and easy money. Sometimes no one wants one, but there it is. When that happens, the criticism is usually harsh. When a sequel is done, that’s given the time and proper care, it’s not only one that people wanted, but one they can stand by. Does it have to be an all out winner for the masses? No. It just needs to be the sequel that fans deserved. Continue reading

On Second Thought: “The Bourne Identity”

Spy films or anything to do with spy’s is fun. Maybe it’s because there’s always always a sense of danger and intrigue, even glamor. Whatever it is, most story’s about spy’s seem to captivate audiences, and the more compelling and complex they are, the more one is willing to stick around until the conclusion. If it’s part of a long running franchise, well, the end may not be as final as you thought. Continue reading