Short: “Piper”

When it comes to short films, sometimes a cute little fuzz ball is all you need. When this fuzz ball is animated, as some short films can be, it makes for an even more entertaining and beautiful short. While this may not be much to ask for, it doesn’t mean you won’t get a lot from it.

The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures film “Piper”, is probably the cutest and most playful short in years.

The short film was directed by Alan Barillaro.

It debuted alongside the new Pixar film “Finding Dory” on June 17, 2016.

I forgot. I forgot that Pixar films have a short film before them. This certainly made it a a it more difficult to figure out when the overall film watching experience would be over, but it was something I definitely got used to quickly. The fact that I forgot also tells me, most likely, that I haven’t seen a Pixar film in some time. So many have come out and yet, I can’t think of any others that I’ve seen. I could check my ticket stub collection, but something tells me there won’t be one in there. I hate to admit this, but I think the last Pixar film I saw was actually… “Toy Story 3”! I remembered! I didn’t even have to look it up! Anywho, before I get too carried away with my remembering which Pixar film was the last one I saw, as far as short films go, this one is now my favorite. Okay, top 10 at least.

I was pleasantly surprised by this short, but a lot of that has to do with my having forgotten they accompany Pixar films, but I already talked about that, so moving on! It was just so beautiful! The animation, the color, the sound, the score! All of it! Just so crisp and what I’ve come to expect. Incredible! I just wanted to keep watching, even though the short had ended.

Because of the way the finished short looked and felt, I was able to quickly like this character. Now, let me explain that. Yes, Piper is a cute fuzz ball of a bird, but it’s not just that, that has me excited to see her and care. Somewhere, somehow, along the way, in terms of development, this short managed to see a character created and given so much life! Or, maybe I’m just looking for justification that isn’t needed. Regardless, I found so much to love about this young bird. Piper certainly had no shortage of fun when exploring the sea. What’s interesting too, is how much I was laughing. There’s no dialogue. Just actions and reactions of frightened bird. Yet, it hit the right notes to be charming, funny, and enjoyable. To achieve that with only score, is amazing.

Short films, animated or not, can be all kinds of entertaining. They don’t have to have complicated plots to be interesting or worth anyone’s time. I guess, in some ways, that’s the beauty of short films, even the longer ones. You really have to have a tight grip on your story, or it’ll all go off the rails in ways most short films shouldn’t.


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