At First Glance: “Swiss Army Man”

Films have been entertaining and informing audiences for decades, with many creating long and lasting legacies. So many have showcased what can come about when really creative people are at the helm of a given project. However, these days, true creativity seems to be a lost art form, and only so few, a special few, seem to be able to deliver one of a kind films.

The upcoming A24 film “Swiss Army Man” is going to be one incredibly fun and unique viewing experience!

This comedy-drama stars Paul Dano (“War & Peace (2016)”, “Youth”) and Daniel Radcliffe (upcoming “Now You See Me 2”, “Victor Frankenstein”).

The film is written directed by Dan Kwan (“Possibilia (Short 2014)”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding/My Best Friend’s Sweating (Short 2011)”) and Daniel Scheinert (“Interesting Ball” (TV Short 2014)”, “Possibilia (Short 2014)”).

The film is expected to open on June 24, 2016 in a limited run, followed by a wide release on July 1. The film previously debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 22 where it won an award for directing and was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize.

I once again find myself wishing I hadn’t waited as long as I did to see a trailer. I’d heard about this film back in January, and for some reason I never took it upon myself to see it. Now that I have, I’m over the moon! It was certainly enough to get me truly interested. I’d say I was originally interested based solely on the feedback I’d heard from critics, but now I see what they’re talking about!

Now that I’ve written that, the hard part begins.

I thought that writing something about a trailer would be easy, it typically is, but this time, it’s proving quite difficult. I just can’t think of what to say. Well, it’s more what to say that would adequately sum up anything about this film. What to expect, what I feel, what I hope this film achieves, anything. I just can’t do it. Again, it’s mostly doing it justice.

I’m just amazed at this film. After watching the trailer three times, and the red band trailer, I was just all sorts of happy and excited, plus I was laughing my head off. I truly enjoyed it all! There is no way I can describe what is contained in the trailer, so I’m not even going to try. I truly think you should check it out for yourself and judge it on all levels.

So, speaking of judging, I was simply wowed by what I saw. I also wasn’t sure about what I saw as it was some of the most ludicrous stuff put to film. At least, that I’ve seen. This trailer certainly promises a film that’s kooky and fun, very original and will probably be exceptionally moving in so many different ways. Plus, the performances look spectacular! I can definitely see why Radcliffe and Dano took these roles, and as far as their careers go, they’ll probably be the most memorable. Hopefully enough people do see this film.

The best thing about independent films is that there’s more freedom to tell complex stories, or stories about people or subjects that otherwise wouldn’t get covered. Sometimes, as is the case here, it’s simply because an incredibly zany and creative story is able to see the light of day. Too often, setting aside the independent status, a film is too out there to be enjoyed or even seen, so hopefully this film can overcome that goal among many others.


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