10 Years: “The Devil Wears Prada”

Some films never get old. No matter how many times you watch a film, you love it as if it were the first viewing. These are the film’s that don’t demand you have a reason to watch. You just finished your third straight viewing, why not a fourth?! It’s only when a special occasion does role around, that you seem to find a much deeper and meaningful reason to watch, and it’s even more special and worthwhile than before. Continue reading


At First Glance: “Sully”

Biographical films come in all shapes and sizes. Some know how to perfectly balance a subjects life, some don’t, and others just focus on one particular time in a persons life, hopefully keeping the focus nice and tight. Each can be met with varying degrees of success, but no matter how interesting the life is being portrayed, there seems to be something missing. Continue reading

Recently: “Finding Dory”

It’s said, and usually with good reason, that sequels are inferior to the original. While this may be true the majority of the time, when can we just be okay with a squeal just as it is? This, too, seems to be a tough call, as more and more audiences are wishing a sequel to a given film hadn’t been made. It was that bad. This answer, I fear, may elude us for some time. Continue reading

20 Years On: “Independence Day”

Most films have a legacy of some sort. Good, bad, in between, there’s usually one there. As time goes by, this legacy should at least steer an interested viewer in the right direction, but every now and then, the legacy you’ve come to know could prove to be something else entirely. Not only can the truth hurt, but it can be surprising. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Denial”

The beautiful thing with films is small, forgotten or lesser known moments from history can be brought to light. The same can be said for specific people who took part in some bigger moment in history or something smaller, that may have had a big impact then, but is largely forgotten now. That’s the trouble with time, it keeps going no matter what happens. Some historical events are remembered decades down the line, others need new life breathed into them, so as to inform a new generation of people who haven’t taken a comprehensive course on the subject. Continue reading

20 Years On: “Eraser”

With action films, sometimes all you need is just explosions and intense action sequences. A sensible storyline or anything resembling intelligence need not be included. Why? Because sometimes a good summer popcorn film is all one really needs to enjoy themselves at the movies. Continue reading