At First Glance: “Equity”

Compelling films about complex subjects seem rare these days. Nobody wants to make them because no one will see them, or at least that’s what it looks like. It’s called taking a chance for a reason. And yet, so few studios will do so, and we get more of the same. Until a smaller studio releases a film that is incredible on all fronts, but hardly anyone notices. Hopefully that’s not the case here.

The upcoming Sony Pictures Classics film “Equity”, looks intense and complex, with a strong lead performance that hopefully has many people talking.

This drama stars Anna Gunn (upcoming “Sully”, “Robot Chicken”), James Purefoy (upcoming “Roots (2016)”, “Hap and Leonard”), Sarah Megan Thomas (“Law & Order: SVU”, “Backwards”), and Alysia Reiner (“Rosewood”, “Orange Is the New Black”).

The film is directed by Meera Menon (“Farah Goes Bang”, “Mark in Argentina (Short 2009)”) and written by Amy Fox (“Heights”).

It is set to be released on July 29, 2016.

I’ve been putting of watching this trailer for some time, which I have no clue as to why, but now I have. If it weren’t for stumbling on a reminder, I must say I probably wouldn’t have picked it. I’m sad about that fact too. The one thing I’m glad about is that it didn’t disappoint. I had no expectations, not really, except for the hope that it would showcase the film’s potential. All I’ve been hearing since January (which saw the Sundance Film Festival occur) was how good the film is. It then began to appear on lists of film’s people were excited about or ones where the public should be, and go see it! Now I understand why. And hopefully I can articulate the reasons why.

Okay, here it goes!

My first word as a reaction was “wow”. And that’s truly all I can say. I’ve been sitting and thinking and not much is coming to me, except that I want to see this film!

I’m just so blown away by this and feel the hype is real. I wasn’t let down with this trailer, not that I had any true expectations. Now, will the audience be there for this indie? That’s the bigger question, and may be even more important than is it good? Critics have been known to be wrong before, and so it’s largely going to take the audience to determine that.

And since I’m stuck as for what to say about the trailer, let’s see what makes this film worth it.

Gunn… Primarily. That’s all it took for me to be interested, especially when pictures were released. Then the trailer dropped and I became even more interested. I guess you can imagine how I feel now having seen the trailer.

There were two lines of dialogue that were just perfect in this trailer, and really got me interested in Gunn’s character.

“For me, I guess the simplest answer is, I like money.”

“Don’t let money be a dirty word.”

I got so much from her and then as the trailer went on there was a lot to learn about her. Initial opinions were definitely formed, and I’m pleased to say I like her already! I can’t wait to see how complex her world really is, how she handles herself, and just what makes her so good at what she does.

That’s somehow the other thing that intrigues me about this film. It’s about money, financial institutions and the people who work for them, and as the various news articles and plot summary can’t stop mentioning, it’s female led or driven, whichever, both! It’s definitely, in part, what’s going to make this a very complex film, and then the other parts of the story will kick in, but I believe this could be an interesting and smart look at this world, along with just what a professional businesswoman’s life looks like.

And not to undercut the other actors shown in this trailer, as I’m sure they mesh perfectly in this. I’m excited for all of them! A lot of them have me interested in who they are and what they’re doing or why they do it, but that’s also because the story is demanding that. I look at Reiner’s character and I kind of want to hate her, but there’s something so fascinating about her. Guess I’ll have to see if she’s really on to something or just looking too stir up trouble.

So, I’m going to admit here, I just rematched the trailer again. I just had to see the action and feel all that power coming from it. So much from the actors, the story, the characters, that world! It’s absolutely intoxicating! Now I feel like some sort of crazy person. Did I mention this was difficult? I’m finding that all of this glamour and power just makes me want to see it even more. Mix all of these things together, and there’s seriously a lot to hope from this film. I’m confident it will deliver. Maybe it’s just that I understand independent films a bit more and can have more faith in them than traditional studio films.

Some film’s trailers, as well done and amazing as they are, are just difficult to explain. To some that’s probably not a good sign, but the fact that you really need to see it to understand, says a lot. Well, that’s what I believe. For so few films that focus on female characters and give them something dynamic to be doing or be, this is a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully, regardless of profitability, it inspires more filmmakers and other creatives to want to get behind these types of films, no matter the size. It’s the only way to make any sort of difference in the types of films audiences want.


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