What’s Two More?

Coming in last, as always, is the fifth and youngest broadcast network, The CW. This network is taking a mildly unusual approach and only debuting two shows in the Fall, which isn’t surprising as they only have a few hours of primetime programming and not many slots for new shows. However, as comes with all changes, other shows have to sit out until later. It’s a shame as one of the networks better shows doesn’t deserve that treatment.

Well, I feel like I just cheated you, but I think I said everything I needed to already. Maybe it’s just the fact that this time there was nothing to get overly excited about, and only a few new shows. Mind you, that’s good, as I don’t have to become so tired from all the awful stuff I’ve just watched, but it’s just a bit too weird. Whatever it is or isn’t, here are the new offerings from The CW! Make of them what you will.

The CW


Okay. Talk about a complete reversal. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. At some point, yes, I felt like it was becoming a bit annoying, but then the trailer continued and I discovered something interesting. No really, I did. Granted, I think it helps that I’ve never seen the film this series is based on, and I actually didn’t know (prior to this), the plot of the film. It’s because of this that I’m really interested in this series. It seems interesting, even though it’s probably going to be another police procedural. That’s not a bad thing, I think, as it helps me like this lead character already, but there’s just so many already. Anyway, it’s the messing with time thing that has me hoping for a logical pilot. I know I’ll be getting your typical pilot, but I’m hoping there’s a lot more, as it really seems like there will be. Consequences of changing the past, where I have seen this before this Upfronts Week? Oh, yeah, on just about every network. I guess it’s this year’s theme. I didn’t realize they had themes. Now I do.

“No Tomorrow”

And when I thought things couldn’t go bad for the network, they do. It seemed interesting, but then the trailer took a strong left turn and I got suddenly annoyed with it. Maybe it’s the whole seize the day thing that this show is all about. I’m not sure, but I’m not as inclined to see it as I thought. Okay, that’s a lie. I wasn’t inclined, I’d never even heard of it until I watched the trailer. I will say that while it doesn’t inspire much hope for me as a series, the trailer did offer up a few cute moments. In this case, time will ultimately tell if it lasts and if I even get around to watching the pilot.

For a network that doesn’t pride itself on ratings, or really offer up a lot of clever or thought provoking television, it does know how to keep you entertained. I mean that as nice as I possibly can say it. I enjoy a lot of the programs, even if they get tiresome at times, and with these new ones, I think that trend will still continue. The one negative, that matters most to me, surprisingly doesn’t come from “No Tomorrow”, but from “Frequency”. It’s a television adaptation of a feature film, that more likely than not was not needed. Originality, especially this year, and possibly more than last, is really dead. It’s so, so sad.


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