Eye Spy

Half way through this crazy and exciting week, and it looks like there are some bumps in this road. With so many new shows being introduced, and many looking promising, it was only a matter of time until one of the networks offered up something less than exciting. In this case, most don’t even come close to crossing the level of good needed to keep a show on the air. What will this network do? Oh, right, order another spin-off series.

Today was the day that America’s most watched network unveiled its plan for the 2016-2017 TV season, and while there wasn’t much change, but still a lot of confusion, it’s not as exciting as I thought it would be. No, this season’s new Fall and midseason shows seem to be a bit more on the terrible side than usual. I had hoped for more, but at the same time, what can you expect from a network that is mostly long running shows and spin-offs? Whatever, the upside to this is that I’ll have less to watch in addition to what I already do. I’m grateful for that.

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)


Right off the bat I took issue with one thing, which isn’t the fact that this is a reboot series, and those, in the last six to nine years, haven’t exactly gone very well. It’s star Lucas Till. He looks ridiculous. I couldn’t get past that at all. It was almost distracting. Then there’s the rest of it. It was boring as hell. And to make things worse, I guess, we’ll see, is it’s your basic procedural. Boring. I was going to write something a moment ago, instead of the sentence I am, but I’m distracted enough by “Jessica Jones” and find her a hell of a lot more interesting than giving my opinion on this trailer. I just don’t see myself watching it at all, even if I do manage to catch the pilot. One thing that could go either way is its time slot. The network has schedule it for Friday’s alongside “Hawaii Five-0”, which is slipping in the ratings. I get it, it’s clever, but will it work?


Somehow this season CBS has decided that shows with annoying asshole like characters is the way to go. There’s nothing remotely likable about Michael Weatherly’s character in this, and that’s a shame. I watched the trailer for this like an hour ago, and can’t even recall anything about this. Nothing stood out to me, except for how irritating Weatherly is in this. My notes say nothing nice and in the end I’m left with one question. Is this really what he left “NCIS” for? I guess he doesn’t mind going back and constantly trying to get shows off the ground, which is what he was a part of before “NCIS” came around, so he should be used to this.

“The Great Indoors”

While this comedy certainly doesn’t fair much better than the two below it in this piece, after seeing those trailers, it certainly is the best. Worst thing, like with the others is that there’s a laugh track. I honestly don’t know why CBS thinks they’re a good idea. From an interest standpoint, the trailer didn’t achieve its objective. I still have no idea what the hell the point of this show is. I’m not even certain what the plot is. If it weren’t for the logline, I would never have guessed. Afterwards, all I could think was that they needed to put the damn stick down. They’d beaten the horse enough times, and when other shows tried this, it wasn’t funny then and it certainly won’t be funny now. I like Joel McHale, but this may be a terrible choice in roles and shows.

“Kevin Can Wait”

For some reason CBS things that a comedy show starring Kevin James is a good thing. It’s not. Have they seen his films? I think my notes sum this one up best, as I wanted to off myself long before it ever came close to ending. “This trailer, which has been going for three minutes already, and has two and a half left, is already irritating me! So fucking stupid. I also feel like there’s no need to watch the pilot. The trailer is so long, is there anything left to see?”

“Man With a Plan”

All I got from this was how stupid it looks. I’m actually certain it’s incredibly stupid and will present itself as such in the pilot, which I won’t be watching. Thanks CBS for all the help in getting me to once again hate comedies.

“Pure Genius”

Seriously, CBS are you even trying? It’s another medical drama, but that’s not the problem. It’s lead character is an annoying ass. Instantly I disliked him and found nothing worthwhile about the premise of the show itself. All I wanted was for the show’s trailer to end. Fortunately it did, but not before I found myself not at all interested in even the pilot. Who knows, maybe marketing later this Summer will convince me otherwise, but I doubt it.

“Training Day”

I literally stopped watching this trailer, and as it kept going, nothing I heard sounded remotely interesting. I think I lasted about two minutes before calling it quits. There was nothing that said this show would be worth it. Hell, the trailer didn’t even sell me on watching the pilot. “MacGyver” is starting to look even better than before.

Eye spy with my little eye, a bunch of shit shows I won’t be watching. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to like something, it’s just not going to happen. I’m not sure who is to blame for this, but if these new shows don’t carry the ratings, or receive good enough coverage from critics, they won’t be on the air for long. And neither, hopefully, will the asshole who greenlit them, be at the post they currently find themselves. Every now and then someone else should be in charge. Will this year see that change for CBS?


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