The Peacock and the Fox Came Out to Play

Look at all those new shows! The question isn’t how many will you watch? No, what’s more important is how many will be cancelled before the end of the year? Mind you, the number you plan on adding to your TV watching is important too. My number just went up.

While Upfronts Week seems to have begun late last week, it officially rolled in today and with much fanfare! It’s an exciting time for advertisers and TV fanatics like myself! It better be seeing as a few days prior there was a type of bloodbath in TV land. It was quite sad. Anyway, the broadcast networks are trotting out their new programming and it’s bound to be a crazy and exciting week, and that’s just for the programming that jumps out at you. For all the rest, a lot of headaches, groans, and sighs will probably be had.

Up first! A network that still thinks it can keep a once successful night of programming going, even though the last time this was tried this, it clearly was a bust. Followed by a network I really don’t seem to like all that much. What? There are so few programs I watch on that network.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)


Time travel, it may be fun to form a story around, but seldom do they make for television worth watching. I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t know of many shows or films about time travel, that do well. This one has me interested enough, and even better, excited! Largely it’s the cast. I’ve seen way too much with Abigail Spencer and Sakina Jaffrey that it’s tough to not to get excited. Honestly, even though I can’t tell how I’ll respond or whether or not this series will be worth a season or more, I’m only into it because of the cast, and time travel. It may be one that needs to use the pilot and convince me. I see this one going either way.

“This Is Us”

While I can’t see how these people are ever supposed to run into one another, it doesn’t stop me from thinking this may be the best shot of seeing another side of this world. It’s certainly one of the most emotionally moving trailers I’ve ever seen. I was amazed by it. My first thought, and comparison, was how much it reminded me of “Parenthood”. It could do a lot of similar things that that show did, and then some. That’s what has me excited. The cast helps two. I recognize at least four people so far. I don’t need any convincing. I’m sold on this. I just hope that it really comes together, and doesn’t try to rely on the whole shared birthday thing. That may be true ( I don’t know if it is), but it doesn’t sell a show very well. Sometimes real human drama is really captivating, and like with “Parenthood” and “Thirtysomething”, this show could be exactly that. I have high hopes for this show, and hopefully many others do too.

“The Good Place”

Veronica Mars is… back on my television. While Kristen Bell may not be playing her, she’s playing someone quite interesting in my mind. Like with the other two new shows coming to NBC, this one interests me because of the cast. Next, I’m interested because the premise is just a lot of fun! It could also be stupid, which will be what the pilot may or may not show me when I watch it. I feel that there’s some hope in this show as I spent a lot of time laughing. And during that laughing, I never thought it was because the jokes were stupid. I’ll just have to wait and see.


For a moment there I thought I’d have nothing to give you. Glad I chose to wait and not call it early. Here are the trailers for the new shows set to debut during the 2016-2017 TV season!


At most I can give it credit for approaching the police procedural with a somewhat creative angle in mind. Maybe some of the futuristic type tech, but past that, it looks like every other police drama out there. One thing I definitely thought, other than “This does nothing for me”, was that it reminded me of another police procedural that was on this exact network, “Almost Human”. I also don’t see this show treading any new ground, or keeping people interested. I can’t even say I’m interested in seeing the pilot, as this trailer more or less bored me. The show’s premise is largely laughable.

“Lethal Weapon”

One police procedural on the network wasn’t enough, let’s make it two! Making things worse, it’s a TV series reboot of a beloved film franchise. That’s only half of my problem with this. I mean, just today, “Rush Hour” was cancelled; which wasn’t surprising at all given the success of other reboot series. Anyway, I’m not entirely certain of what direction this series could take, but it may be worth it. One thing I instantly liked, and it could work, or bomb, is the chemistry between the two leads and how it’ll allow for some humor. Basically how the film’s worked and were successful. Past that, it’s a police procedural. The trailer stuck in all the necessary things, which if you’ve seen the films, you know about. I think the characters will be likable, but as a series, the hardest task will be standing out amongst all the cop dramas out there.

“The Exorcist”

Do I even have to go on about this? Other than seeing Geena Davis on screen, and be amazing as always, there’s little incentive to see this show. Because of Davis, I may be inclined to watch the pilot, but that’s it. Much like with the new-ish show “Damien”, it’s biggest fault is the legacy it must carry. I sampled “Damien”, and hated it. I may not find the original film that this series is partially based on, at all scary, nor would I find the book scary, but compared to this, I’m frightened of both. “Damien” couldn’t scare me at all, hell, he bored me, and it really doesn’t look like this show will either. Frankly, there’s no reason to waste my time with a show that doesn’t have anything going for it. Even if this had just been made a mini-series, NBC couldn’t make “Rosemary’s Baby” scary, so this stood no chance at all. Skip!

“Shots Fired”

It’s been labeled as an “Event Series”, but these days, that doesn’t usually mean anything. It’s just a marketing gimmick. Hopefully it does stay an event series as there’s nothing to really do past this first storyline. Well, you could, but it would mostly be rehashing the same things, accomplishing nothing, except putting these emotions and views on different characters. While that all seems negative, it’s actually a plus. I’m excited to see this. I think it has a lot of potential at being good and compelling. “American Crime” is incredible, it’s opened up the TV world to something special and provided a jumping off point for conversations. This show won’t, most likely, achieve that kind of creative and intelligent level, or discussion, but I think this show can still succeed. It’s got what looks like an incredible cast, and I’m already intrigued bye the characters and performances. I looked it up and it’s slated to be 10 episodes, so that’s perfect! It won’t drag and I may want to stick around for the whole thing.

“The Mick”

Don’t people realize that half of the job is creating a show with a memorable title? This one is just stupid. After seeing the trailer, I get the title, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dumb as fuck. I’m honestly not sure what I think. Yeah, I laughed, but at times I felt that the trailer bordered on stupid, and with me, I’ll laugh at anything. If it’s stupid humor, it’s just sad. That being said, I did find there something interesting that makes me want to watch it, at least the pilot. I’m not above just watching something because it makes me laugh; that’s why I watched the entire first season of “Superstore”, and will probably watch the second.

“Making History”

Just fucking kill me. It started off one, and then it continued. I regretted even watching the trailer. I don’t think it’ll give us anything, but stupidity. I’ll definitely be staying away.

“Son of Zorn”

Oh, God. Fox really likes to green light stupid shows. Okay, I really can’t decide if this is stupid or clever. It threw me, for a moment, and then I got used to it. I even laughed a few times, but primarily I just felt embarrassed. If it weren’t for my needing to do this post, I probably wouldn’t ever admit to having watched the trailer. Maybe it’ll surprise me, but I doubt it. If it doesn’t get cancelled quickly, it’ll have a short first season and be done.

“Prison Break”

SKIP!! What? I’ve never seen the original series, and none of what the trailer contains will make any sense. Sorry. I also always thought the concept of the show was pretty fucking stupid.


With the cancellation of “Nashville”, a slot just opened up for another music drama. It’s almost like watching a long form version of “Beyond the Lights”, “Josie and the Pussycats”, or “Jem and the Holograms”, but more tedious. It’s a series. None of it, at least from the trailer, is new. Yeah it could be interesting, but that doesn’t mean I’ll want to stick around and watch it. I like the stars, the ones I recognized, but right now, that’s it. I guess a viewing of the pilot will be in order.


Maybe it’s because sports films and shows, and in general, don’t interest me that much, but something about this, just did nothing for me. I couldn’t feel inspired or something. It felt too… melodramatic. At the end all I could think was, “meh”.

“24: Legacy”

At the end of the day, I don’t think it really matters. It’s a “24” series. Most people will probably watch just to feel the thrills and the suspense from whatever’s pushing the narrative forward. I certainly got excited by this one, even though bringing back Yvonne Strahovski from the previous “24” outing would’ve been amazing! Oh well, there’s always Miranda Otto! A good casting choice, so maybe I’ll be completely blown away. The one question I have is, will this be a long running thing or just another one and done like “24: Live Another Day”. Regardless, hopefully it’s well executed or I’ll be demanding my money back.

That was so much fun! I’m so glad the peacock network and Fox were able to come out and present what they had to offer next season! Most of it looks like shit, and even if it isn’t and doesn’t end up being so, it probably won’t make it to another season, if it even gets the chance to complete the first at all. Largely I had fun with these trailers, but once more I’m torn by what will be on the air and what made it through some sheer act of God. Oh well, today is over and tomorrow will be here before we know it. Better get rested up, because if tomorrow is anything I like today, it’s going to be an exciting time! I’ll be back with even more commentary. Won’t that be fun?!


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