Gone But (Mostly) Not Forgotten

It comes but once a year, and usually it’s quite bloody. May should be a time of celebrating something, I’m sure, but in the world of television, where there are hundreds of shows all vying for viewer’s eyes, it’s anything but. Hopefully you’re not too attached to a show as it won’t be around for much longer. Come the end of the month, your viewing options will have decreased.

All it took was two days (May 12-13), mostly, for millions of viewers to be disappointed and or shocked. In some cases, they probably didn’t even care one tiny little bit. It’s the upside to not watching a given show, you don’t have to be sad when it later gets cancelled, or comes to an end. However, if you’re like me, every new TV season, then there’s bound to be a ton of shows you’re coming back to and some new ones you pick up, that last past one season, or, which is why we’re here, don’t. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2016 Cancellation Ceremony. What? I couldn’t come up with anything better.

Moving on. It’s time to look at all the shows that have been cancelled in the last few days, that I consider fit in this category. There were some cancellation elsewhere which also occurred, but weren’t on broadcast networks, and I don’t care about. What I have here is enough. So, if you don’t already know, here they are, complete with my thoughts on the cancellation.

American Broadcasting Company (ABC):


Up first in the shocking department, is this Connie Britton starring series. For me, regardless of what other critics were expecting or thinking, I am surprised. I know the ratings have mostly sucked, but they were at least consistent. At the least I was hoping for 13 episodes and some closure. But, no, like many show’s, closure or a proper ending, whatever you want to call it, isn’t going to happen. In some ways, it was only a matter of time, again, ratings. The thing that makes this cancellation suck the most, is that a lot of the storylines given this season, and the last few months, have sucked. It’s probably been the worst season ever. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll miss this show a lot.

“The Family”

OHMYGOD!! I honestly think I knew this show would be cancelled. I can’t remember what I specifically said about this show, either in my pilot piece on it, or last May, but I’m thinking I suspected this would be a one and done series. It’s happened a lot, which his what makes this more annoying than sad. “Hostages” and “Crisis” were seemingly pitched as long running series, but they never could’ve been. The first seasons, which were the only seasons, set it up so that having a second season made no sense. In a lot of ways, I’ve always felt that way about this show. Yes, I’ve enjoyed it, and the work from all the actors, but I never could see a second season. Interestingly, I hoped for a second so that I could see what the writers were planning and would attempt. At least it was fun while it lasted.

“Agent Carter”

Fucking ratings! Smart, exciting, and funny show, with a phenomenal female lead and no one was watching it. It was good, and even though the seasons were short, they were incredible. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to watching it, but I did and I’m glad. As I watched it I kept track of the ratings, and figured there wasn’t much of a chance for it.


Surprise number two! This one may be a bit more surprising than the “Nashville” cancellation, but I’m less hurt and saddened by this one. Prior to the cancellation, there was all this talk of budget cuts, cast contract renewals, most of which was sad, and the possibility of another season in general, so it’s safe to say everyone was caught off guard. However, due to the budget cuts, and star Staa Katic not returning (which is dumb in the budget cuts sense), I’m okay with this show ending. I mean, seriously, you’re cutting the budget, but why one of the major stars? What about one of the other cast members who doesn’t show up that much or even need to be there as a regular. I like Susan Sullivan, Molly Quinn, but they don’t need to be there still. The next reason why I’m okay with this show being cancelled is that I’ve just grown tired of it. Whatever it is that once made this show charming and fun, has just gotten irritating. Half the time I can’t stand the antics, and since at least mid-season six, and at some point in season seven, I got super far behind. I just didn’t care that much about watching something that no longer really interested me. Much of this season seems to have improved, but there were still moments I just got tired of it. Especially with the newest cast member, Toks Olagundoye, whom I’ve enjoyed, but got tired of not seeing that often. Much like with firing Katic, why bring in Olagundoye, create a great character, and then seldom use her? It makes no fucking sense! Oh well, hopefully the series finale will be satisfying enough. Eight seasons is a long time.

“The Muppets”

Well, I’m conflicted on this one. I watched the entire season, and enjoyed some of it, and hated other parts of it. I can see they tried, but it just couldn’t ever work. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re Muppets, but something just was off. Even after the retool, for the last half of the season, it never really worked. Even when watching it, I was wondering why in the hell I was watching it. Some much seemed just stupid.


Oh, “Galavant”. How I’ll miss this show a lot. It was so clever, so brilliant, so awesome! And, like with “Agent Carter”, no one watched it. Even though it was only like 16 episodes, I loved each and every one. The world just doesn’t want smart content. I’ll miss the quirky characters, and infectious songs, but at least they’ll live forever on other platforms, like reruns.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC):


Yeah, it probably seemed like a good idea and a great way to get Eva Longoria back on TV, but it never took off. I followed ratings for this too, but never even got to see the pilot, and I’m okay with that. I don’t think I missed anything.

“Game of Silence”

I always thought this looked stupid. It sounded dumb as fuck. Although, it looked worse than “The Family”, but definitely fell into that one and done scenario. When I read then plot, I just knew there was no where to go, and apparently, neither did the non-existent audience. I hate/love being right.


I’ve known for some time that the show’s chances were slim. Ratings. Gotta love ‘em. But I was hoping, maybe stupidly, that this show would impress the network heads that it was worth giving a second chance to. It’s incredibly quirky, funny, and has some good dramatic bits. Melissa George is actually quite interesting in this role, and I’m loving it! There’s a good balance in both character and hospital drama that has made each week worth it. Oh well, it’s also a good reason why we should probably cool it with medical dramas.


Nope. Nothing. Never even knew it was a show until right before it aired it’s pilot. I do hate midseason sometimes.


Comedies. There’s a reason I avoid them. Something about this always screamed stupid, so I avoided it like the plague. I will say that even though I thought it dum as fuck, and that it would get cancelled quickly, it’s impressive it lasted as long as it did. I know not many people watched anyway.

“They Mysteries of Laura”

I watched one episode and that was it. However, from an outsiders view, I thought it was doing better, but I guess the various people in charge didn’t agree. In some ways, it’s a shame.

Columbia Broadcast System (CBS):

“CSI: Cyber”

Oh, God. Even though I watched the whole first season, for reason’s I still can’t figure out, I’m not at all surprised this show got cancelled. It’s ratings were bad, and it just wasn’t that good. After season one I knew not to watch more, plus I regretted my decision to watch it at all. I will say, it’s very weird to know that there are no “CSI” shows on the air now, or set to be in the future, at least that we know of right now, for the first time in 16 years. I’m actually hoping that the network sees this as an opportunity to let this franchise die, and a legacy finally start being developed.



Fucking stupid show. I want to say that I’m not surprised by this, but I kind of am. It got a full season pick up, and it seemed that people actually liked and watched this show. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that a show looks successful and then it gets cancelled.

“The Grinder”

[See the above entry] This is also one, like with “Grandfathered”, where I’m okay with its cancellation. It just looked too damn stupid.


[see below]

“Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life”

[See below]

“Second Chance”

Yeah, none of these last three shows interested me in the least. Each looked so stupid, and I knew there was a large chance that they’d get cancelled. Mind you, I was probably thinking much sooner than now.

The CW:


I cannot say much about this show. I never got around to watching it, even though I thought it had an interesting premise. Like I said above, I’ve got loads of shows I watch, and apparently it kept me from even watching the pilot. On the plus side, I didn’t waste any time or feel like it was all for not. I honestly cannot say I’m too surprised by this cancellation either. I’ve pretty much heard nothing good, bad, or otherwise, about this show.

Oh my god! Whew! 19 shows were cancelled, largely in two days, and while it’s not entirely unusual, it’s still surprising to some extent. Certainly tiresome. I’m once again shocked after having to write about this, but hey! it comes with the territory. The things I do for you.

And now that it’s over, we can look towards the future. It’s Upfronts Week people, time to look alive and excited!! Who knows, this week may contain a trailer, for a show that is really good and lasts for several seasons! In a lot of ways, I can’t think of the last show that was both really good and lasted several seasons. What will be capturing my interest this week and how will complicate my already complicated and crowded TV schedule in the fall?


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