At First Glance: “UnREAL” Season Two

The sophomore season of any show is a tough one to deliver upon as there are just so many expectations. Add in the big fact that the first season was a massive hit, and the stakes are even higher. Is there a way to outdo what you’ve already done?

The upcoming A + E Studios second season of “UnREAL”, looks just as juicy, fun, and dramatic as the first, basically everything I could hope for from this show.

This drama series stars Shiri Appleby (“The Meddler”, “Code Black”), Constance Zimmer (“House of Cards”, “Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.”), Craig Bierko (upcoming “Equity”, “Law & Order: SVU”), Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (“Dirty Grandpa”, “Stray (Short 2015)”), Josh Kelly (“Prisoner of War (Short 2015)”, “Jarhead 2: Field of Fire”), B.J. Britt (“Being Mary Jane”, “Welcome to the Family”), Michael Rady (“Jane the Virgin”, “It Had to Be You”), Christopher Cousins (“Bosch”, “CSI: Cyber”), Bruce Davison (upcoming films “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty”, “The Bronx Bull”), Gentry White (upcoming episode “Aquarius”, “Turn: Washington’s Spies”), Monica Barbaro (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life”), Denee Benton (“The Narrative of Dalvin Reynolds (Short 2013)”), Meagan Tandy (“Teen Wolf (2011 TV series)”, “Survivor’s Remorse”), Kim Matula (“The Bold and the Beautiful”, “Maybe Someday”), Lindsay Musil (“The Big Short”, “The Parallax Theory”), Monique Ganderton (upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “American Ultra”), Jessica Sipos (“Legends of Tomorrow”, “Slasher”), Elizabeth Whitmere (“Lost & Found Music Studios”, “Strange Things (Short 2015)”), Sunita Prasad (“Once Upon a Holiday”, “Proof”), and Karissa Tynes (“iZombie”, “The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story”).

The series was created by Marti Noxon (“Girlfriend’s Guid to Divorce”, “Glee”) and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro (“Sequin Raze (Short 2013)”, “2nd Best (Short 2012)”).

The second season is set to premier on June 6, 2016 on Lifetime.

I am SO excited for this season!! Since the show wrapped it’s amazing first season I’ve pretty much thought of nothing else. Okay, that’s a bit of an embellishment, but I did have constant reminders as both Appleby and Zimmer appeared on shows I watched over the course of the last eight months. And all the news and social media posts didn’t help either. And then, these last few days have just been exciting! Teasers and teasers, plus photos from shoots, are really making this real. And, of course, now this first 30 second TV spot for the new season! I’m pretty much in overdrive when it comes to excitement for this show and I hope June arrives pretty quickly! I honesty don’t know if I can contain this any more. I’m afraid I may start taking on characteristics of these two awesome characters.

“He’s black.”
“Did I forget to tell you?” Zimmer’s Quinn says, but to whom? Great line and some mystery too. Is is to the man who says the first line or is this just clever marketing?

“We don’t solve problems, we point cameras at them.” Rachel, the always clever and manipulative producer. I’ve certainly missed her. This is certainly my favorite of the lines uttered in the 30 seconds we get.

“The two of you together are terrifying.”
“Thank you.” Quinn says, and again, is this actually how it plays out or wonderful editing and marketing?

And those lines of dialogue, regardless of how they actually play out in the upcoming season, are just some of the things you get from the first teaser, which is better than one of the other teasers that came out. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait too long for this one to drop. There’s so much more to see and love.

Playing out with Heart’s “Barracuda”, (I think that was Heart’s version), going in the background,which is absolutely perfect and made the teaser even better, we finally get to see some juicy behind the scenes action. It takes a lot to get “Everlasting” on the air, and now we get to see how much.

From the first moment we see people ready to work on the show, it’s just exhilarating. So many people, so much drama, and that’s before you factor in what Appleby and Zimmer’s characters bring when they start whispering things to the contestants. At no moment am I not glued to the screen. Hell, I watched the trailer about seven times, and I just loved every moment. So juicy, complicated, and dramatic, plus snarky, which is everything I’ve been missing from most of my television viewing this year. I hope we get a longer look as that would really send me over the edge and be ready for this season. Well, that and a rewatch of the amazing first season, but I may do that later.

For a teaser, it works perfectly. You get to see some of the new women, the new suitor, Britt, and the chaotic things that will go down during this show’s second season! If only we could see a bit more, but for now, I’ll accept this. It’s perfect and will certainly carry the show until it’s premier in June.

Sophomore seasons for acclaimed shows don’t always go the way you want, or any of the actual creatives involved. Are they bad or does that mean that others will be bad? No, not at all. It just means that those that work on these shows need to bring their A-game! They surely understand just how much the fans expect and plain want to see, plus hopefully they want to create a story that moves organically forward. If not, then getting a second or third or fourth season means little. So many shows get those, but they waste just about every opportunity, and it usually shows.

And just because I’m super excited for this new season, and don’t have the actual trailer I watched to include, here’s three teaser’s which were released earlier this week. If you want to find the trailer I watched, surprisingly YouTube isn’t much help. Go to TVLine to watch it, which is where I first saw it, and while you’re there, you can read up on so much more. Absolutely worth it!

Teaser 1: Chantal

Teaser 2: Tiffany

Teaser 3: Yael


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