20 Years On: “The Arrival”

Film’s about alien invasions are nothing new. For as long as film has been a major medium to tell stories, at least with sound, it seems that every other year there’s at least one new alien invasion film. While you can easily enjoy any and all, the ones that truly stand out are the ones that manage to do something that’s unique enough, and makes the viewing experience even better. For some, that’s easier said than done. Continue reading


Miniseries: “Roots (1977)”

Classic television, no mater how impactful or influential it was at the time, will never truly be seen the same way it once was. The aging process is partially to blame, but so too, is the ever changing nature of the medium it was originally shown on. Television looks nothing like it did way back when, for better and worse. While this all may be true, it doesn’t stop any given program from teaching you so much, and not just about the subject of the program you’re watching. There’s always something to be learned from the past. Continue reading

At First Glance: “The Raking”

Indie films of all sorts can turn out to be hidden gems. While you may not expect a whole lot, you may discover that this very obscure indie film reminds you of so much that you’ve been missing. It’s from this simple task, that perhaps the watching and experience may be well worth it. Continue reading

10 Years: “X-Men: The Last Stand”

When you’re going back and experiencing a film again, for what seems like the first time, your views may no longer hold up. Try as you might, it’s the little things that start to weigh on you, and make you think that maybe the film’s not all that it should’ve been. Being an entertaining film may be enough, but if it’s the potential end of a franchise, it needs to be so much more. Continue reading

Pilot: “Preacher”

When it comes to a new show, sometimes all you can do is go into it knowing as little as possible. No expectations, no hopes, nothing. You’ll either like it or you won’t. Hopefully, you like it enough and you’ll want to check out the next episode. Maybe by then you’ll know if you want to stick around for the whole season. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Equity”

Compelling films about complex subjects seem rare these days. Nobody wants to make them because no one will see them, or at least that’s what it looks like. It’s called taking a chance for a reason. And yet, so few studios will do so, and we get more of the same. Until a smaller studio releases a film that is incredible on all fronts, but hardly anyone notices. Hopefully that’s not the case here. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Beauty and the Beast (2017)”

Another year, another month, another conversation about a live-action remake of a classic animated film. Much like with cinematic universes, and the new films in that big world, each year seems to be destined to have a film come out every single year. There’s no stopping them, and there’s hardly any time to take a breather before the next one comes out. This may be the new normal (for some time now), but I’m not ready to fully welcome it in. Maybe next year, but I doubt it. Continue reading