At First Glance: “BrainDead”

When it comes to a new TV series, sometimes all you need to know is who created it. If you enjoyed something that they created before, or lots of things in some cases, then you’re more inclined to follow them no matter the project. The only thing you have to worry about, is whether or not it was worth it. Sometimes, it’s not.

The upcoming CBS Television Studios TV series “BrainDead”, looks interesting, but I still feel like there’s more to be told about this new series.

This comedy drama series stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (upcoming films “Swiss Army Man”, “The Hollars”), Aaron Tveit (“Grease Live!”, “Graceland”), Nikki M. James (“The Blacklist”, “The Good Wife”), Johnny Ray Gill (“Underground”, “Rectify”), Danny Pino (“Scandal”, “Law & Order: SVU”), and Tony Shalhoub (upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadow”, “The Blacklist”).

The series is created by Robert and Michelle King (“The Good Wife”, “In Justice”).

The series is set to premier on June 13, 2016 on CBS.


Ever since hearing about this new series some time ago, and all the casting news since, I’ve been super excited for this series. It’s written by the King duo, who (if you hadn’t read) created “The Good Wife”, which is arguably one of the best, like top 10, of broadcast shows. It’s a shame it’ll be ending soon. Anyway. Because of “The Good Wife”, I’m willing to follow these writers wherever they go. It helps too that they managed to get really talented actors to play the parts they wrote. I can’t wait to see what quirky things these two, and their fellow writers, come up with. This could easily be another brilliant show that not a lot of people watch, but hopefully enough to keep it on the air. It is a Summer show, so there’s a lot of hope it’ll do well.

“Bugs are eating people’s brains.”

Yup. That pretty much says it all. And whatever the announcer said too. While what was conveyed wasn’t complicated, or much, I feel that there’s still a lot more to get from this show. Well, duh, but from a marketing standpoint, there’s more that could be conveyed. In this 30 second TV spot, I got footage, but not enough. I want more! I want to actually be able to figure out who these characters are or what I think of them. I couldn’t even begin to form an idea on Winstead. So, I’m hoping there’s another and lengthier trailer released during Upfronts Week, which fortunately occurs in about two weeks from this writing.

Anywho, moving on. I already said the casting is great, and it is. But I somehow feel that there’s something else to add. Hmm… I’m thinking… Still thinking… And I’ve got nothing. The cast is great! I can’t wait. I’ve actually seen every single actor in something and loved them. With the King’s writing and capable actors, I’m sure the pilot is going to be amazing, and they’ll do wonders for the whole series. God, now I really wanna watch this series! Is it June yet?!

Lastly, as this teaser really offered me nothing, but the opportunity to write about this new show, a few last things.

It looks funny. The little bits of dialogue and action seemed funny. I mean, I chuckled a little. But, again, it’s a teaser. It offered very little. It makes me think that this show will be quirky and fun, in that special King way, which I’ve come to know and love because of “The Good Wife”. If not, well, I’ll just be surprised. The last thing I can say is it looks weird. This weird could help it, or hurt it. It’s truly too early to tell.This show is about bugs eating people’s brains and changing them, so weird kind of comes along automatically.

“Something weird is going on.”

Winstead says this and it’s spot on. But what is it?! Is it an alien invasion? What?! Guess we’ll have to tune in on June 13, or whenever you get the show, if you do, which would suck if you didn’t. I hope you get it.

Some new shows only need to have a familiar name associated with it for you to become interested. If you’re lucky, you’ll have found a new, amazingly smart, and worthwhile show. If not, well you will have wasted several hours of your precious time. I’ve done it too, so don’t feel bad. That’s the trouble with marketing, it’s exciting to see, but sometimes there needs to be more. Which is what I’m hoping for with this show. I guess, in general, for all things regarding this show, time will tell.


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