Recently: “Flight 7500”

Some directors are lucky throughout their careers, and others are just hit or miss. No matter how hard any one director works, they may never be able to pull off a successful film. Some, get one or two, and that’s it. But that doesn’t stop them from working. Some, even, manage to put out films that are entertaining regardless of overall success. But even those are unpredictable.

The CBS Films and Lionsgate film “Flight 7500”, didn’t even come close to delivering an enjoyable and worthy horror film. I don’t even think it stood a chance.

This horror film stars Leslie Bibb (upcoming “Captain America: Civil War”, “The League”), Jamie Chung (upcoming “Office Christmas Party”, “Once Upon a Time”), Jerry Ferrara (upcoming “Sully”, “Power”), Ryan Kwanten (“Jake and the Never Land Pirates”, “Edge”), Amy Smart (“All the Way to the Ocean (Short 2016)”, “Angie Tribecca”), and Scout Taylor Compton (“Nashville”, “Return to Sender”).

The film is directed by Takashi Shimizu (“Yo no mo Kimyo an Monogatari: Elga kantoku-hen”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service (2014)”) and written by Craig Rosenberg (“The Quiet ones”, “The Uninvited”).

The film (FINALLY!) became available in the US on April 12, 2016 on DVD and Video on Demand (VOD).

I certainly know how to pick ‘em. I don’t know how I heard about this film, but I did. Then I watched a trailer and really wanted to see it. I can’t recall if I ever thought it was going to be some amazing film, but I knew I wanted to see it. Occasionally I even found myself checking for news items on when this film would be released stateside, but noting new ever turned up. Until this year. Then it was a matter of just waiting for the day to arrive, and when it finally did, I had to make time for this film. God, that wasn’t easy. So much to do, so much to see, how does one make time for this film? I did somehow, and I must say, a part of me is regretting that choice.

The long and the short, even though I’ll still go on for a bit afterwards, is this film was a major bore. Nothing pretty much happened and it didn’t even come close to being scary or creepy. Not a tiny bit.

On top of that, which you didn’t discover until about 30 minutes or more of the film has gone by, the characters are not even worth talking about. They’re so boring and obnoxious, that the small amounts of backstory you get, don’t mean anything. I discovered, try as I might, that I couldn’t care less about them. When the film reached that special place (the end), even then I couldn’t care. It just did nothing for me. I found myself focusing more on (which annoyed me with every passing moment) Kwanten’s Australian accent. Try as he might, which probably wasn’t that much, he couldn’t mask it at all. Some actors just can’t do it. It may be unfair to judge them based on that, but when it becomes as distracting as it was, then judgement is certainly warranted.

I mentioned nothing happened. Well, I was right about that. When I was thinking of what to write I checked my notes and I’d made numerous notations about time.This film is quite short, and during that short time, nothing eventful happened. For a flight supposedly plagued by something supernatural, it more or less seemed like any other flight. The flight I was on two years ago was far more interesting than this film’s flight. Granted, I was reading an interesting book (“Defending Jacob”) and eating pastel colored M&M’s, but still. The flight Kwanten and company found themselves on should’ve been more exciting.

Making it for this film, is that it wasn’t scary. There were badly executed jump scares and slightly creepy moments, but nothing that stuck. Nothing memorable, at least in the way you want it to be. Once more, by the time the film got to its ending, it hadn’t earned the ending. The audience deserved so much better.

Okay, okay, I gotta stop. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, as I usually wouldn’t spoil the ending for anyone, but this film really isn’t going to be saved if I do or don’t. They’re all dead. The ending’s supposed to be some big “twist”! It isn’t. Well, not really. Again, the lack of scares or unnerving anything plays a big part in this lackluster ending. It may not be original, but it certainly could’ve been worth it. It isn’t. Another reason I’m so disappointed in this film, and should seriously have my film choosing rights taken away. Don’t even get me started on that useless final scene before the credits, after the big reveal. God, some people just don’t know when to stop.

Some films, even if they’re delayed, may seem like a good film to watch, but it is usually anything but. Sometimes, even with all its flaws, you can find enough to still enjoy it. Yes it may make those that see your film collection question your sanity, but you don’t care. It’s entertaining to you, so why not?


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