At First Glance: “Jason Bourne”

Sequels, they’re never predictable. At least when it comes to release that is. Just when you think a series is done, word comes out that there will be yet another sequel, this time directly related to the original series. It’s a slight plus to what may already sound like bad news. Sequels these days are hit or miss. What exactly is going to make this one special?

The upcoming Universal Pictures film “Jason Bourne”, looks like an incredibly intense action film that will fit perfectly into the long running franchise and return fans to the exciting spy world.

This action film stars Matt Damon (“The Martian”, “Interstellar”), Julia Stiles (“Misconduct”, “The Mindy Project”), Alicia Vikander (upcoming “The Light Between Oceans”, “The Danish Girl”), Vincent Cassel (upcoming “It’s Only the End of the World”, “Child 44”), and Tommy Lee Jones (upcoming “Mechanic: Resurrection”, “Criminal”).

The film is directed by Paul Greengrass (“Captain Phillips”, “Green Zone”) and written by Greengrass (“United 93”, “Omagh”) and Christopher Rouse.

The film is expected to open on July 29, 2016.
At long last Jason Bourne has returned! I don’t really have anything against “The Bourne Legacy”, but it just wasn’t the same without Damon as Bourne. Just a film with only a slight connection to the original series. Fortunately, and hopefully because of a good script, Greengrass and Damon are back! Let’s just hope that this one manages to push the series forward well, and give us a thrilling story. It may prove much more difficult as this is original material and not an adaptation like the original trilogy was. Regardless, I have high hopes already, and it took one viewing, out of three, of the trailer to prove that too me.

There are familiar characters and new characters populating this film! Damon and Stiles are both back, playing characters we know and love. Somehow they’re roped into this whole thing, and right now, this vague idea is fine. For me, my interest was piqued by the simple, yet effective and mysterious line, “Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.” It’s uttered perfectly by Stiles and that sends us deeper into the trailer. Which is also where you lost me, but leet’s not get bogged down into that yet. I’m just glad to see Stiles once more in a major film, and hopefully, from the looks of it, she’ll be playing a major part in this story. Previously she’d only really had a small part, usually to reveal information, but this time, it seems bigger and I’m excited by that. She’s always been a favorite of mine. Let’s hope she gets to do a lot more. And, of course, there’s Damon, but do I really need to go on about him and his character? He looks like he never left the franchise and is ready to take down anyone who is after him, for whatever reason this time. Why do people keep going after him?

Next, are some pleasant surprises. Vikander and Jones are the biggest. I’m not sure if we saw Cassel’s character, but I’m certain we didn’t see other actors listed, and I’m not sure who the guy is that seems to be some sort of leader. Guess we’ll find out later.

So, back to the two we do know about. Just the fact that Vikander and Jones are in this film has me infinitely more excited about this film.

Vikander has been on a role of late, and this is going to be a big way for her to branch out and show what she’s capable of. Right now it looks like she’s some sort of analyst or maybe another person in charge. I can’t be sure. At one point during the trailer there was another woman in the field, but I couldn’t be certain it was or wasn’t Vikander. It did look like her, but the dark hair, in general, is throwing me. I’m not that gifted with identifying familiar actors in this way, but that’s oddly a plus. Is she going to get to do some fighting, or be part of an action sequence? What all does she do? At least she’ll get to speak with her natural accent. That was the first give away for me, of which I also wasn’t certain of at first. Then, upon discovering it was her, I had to go back and watch again! Totally worth it.

Jones is Jones. I never would have imagined him in this type of film, but then again, I’m sure most people would’ve never imagined him in the cheerleader comedy “Man of the House”, which was really stupid if my memory isn’t deceiving me. Anyway, I’m excited to see who he plays. Yes, his character already has a name, and we see him a lot in the trailer, but is he good or bad? I can’t get a read on that. He seems like he holds answers, but there could be something else at play with him.

Action!! The action looks amazing!! Even with “The Bourne Legacy”, which many people may look at and instantly dismiss, the action was never really skimped on. It always came off as gritty and intense, which is exactly what we came to love and expect. This film has definitely stuck to that, if not gone above and beyond even the action we got in “The Bourne Ultimatum”. Each successive time I watched the trailer I was just in awe. I felt overcome with excitement and something. I needed a breather, it was that powerful. Even now I can’t seem to explain it. It was that explosive! That amazing and I’m confident it will carry throughout the film and provide a tense thrill ride. There also appears to be enough fresh sequences and new takes on familiar bits, which, again, is why we come to see these films. Hell, any action film actually.

Love the action already, and by extension, the locations. I’m sure they’re going to be amazing! The previous films all shot on location, and looked incredible, so I’m sure they did their best to continue this trend. If not, then I’m sure a lot of us will be disappointed by this. It provides another level of fun to a film series that was always going to be just that.

However, even knowing all this and loving it, I’m confused by one thing. What’s the story, other than there’s been a major hack at the CIA? How does Damon’s Bourne fit into this, or Stiles’ Nicky for that matter? The trailer lost me at some point on whether or not he is responsible for the hack, so maybe it’s someone else altogether and Damon is being drawn into this world once more. Also, is he still looking for answers? If he is, how do they connect back to the central plot point? I get this is going not be part of the draw of this film, but it’s the one area that could really derail this film.

This film may already look like it’s going to pack a serious punch, and remind fans and audience members why we liked the “Bourne” franchise to begin with. However, it’s not a complete guarantee that it’ll be totally worth it or live up to the high expectations already set. And who set those? Greengrass and Damon. For the longest time Damon has said he won’t return unless Greengrass is directing, or simply involved. Whatever. Regardless, since they both came on board and as there’s now a trailer detailing what to expect, there’s a lot at stake now. Will this sequel be worth it, or will it go the way of other sequels that come years after everyone thought the film series was done, and end up not being worth it?


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