Pilot: “Wynonna Earp”

Some networks may not have a stellar reputation for quality programming, but occasionally a network puts out a program that’s just so much fun, none of the negative aspects really matter. Sometimes a show only needs to be entertaining and live up to the typical expectations of the network for you to love it and stick around.

The new IDW Entertainment series “Wynonna Earp”, is an absolute blast! It knows how to be silly and entertaining all while delivering the sci-fi action you came to see.

This sci-fi western Stars Melanie Scrofano (upcoming episodes “Damien”, “Happily Ever After”), Shamier Anderson (“Race”, “Bravetown”), Tim Rozon (“Schitt’s Creek”, “Flashback”), and Dominique Provost-Chalkley (“Avengers: Age of Ultron”, “The Seasoning House”).

The series was created by Emily Andras (“Lost Girl”, “Killjoys”). It is based on the comic book series of the same name by Beau Smith.

The series debuted on April 1, 2016 on SyFy.

Just when I was beginning to lose hope that another fun SyFy series would catch my interest, this one rolls around. I originally had no ideas this was in the works. While watching some other SyFy series, a promo for this one airs and it piques my interest. And as I kept seeing more and more my excitement just built, which is why we find ourselves here. Me writing about a series that most other people won’t even pretend to try and get around to. Oh well, in so many ways, it’s their loss.

This show is fun. That’s really the only way to describe it. It’s not a bad first episode, especially since the series will probably always be little seen and is on SyFy. But knowing that, I don’t feel the network or anyone involved in creating this series was aiming for some sort of mediocre show. That seems to be the one thing the network aims to avoid. Have you seen “Z Nation”? In some ways, they try to deliberately and genuinely create fun and humor within their shows, along with drama that interests you in the characters. Here, I’d say that SyFy is once again upholding this and will have a continuously funny and exciting show to watch.

Quickly in the episode we’re not only introduced to Scrofano’s Wynonna, but to a bit of what her world’s always been. That’s right people! We get to see a demon, and her kicking demon ass! Mind you, she could do with some training in this area, but hopefully we also get to explore this along with her character and the ones she’ll interact with week to week. It wasn’t a bad way to begin especially as the opening credits sequence is equally amazing! I mean, come on, it features a short rendition of “Tell That Devil”, which first popped up, (I think, so don’t quote me on this), “Nashville”. It was a good cover and really says a lot about the show. So, it’s perfect!
Then the pilot delves into typical pilot territory.

You spend the next several acts meeting the people in Scrofano’s life, those she ran away from three years prior, including her sister, as well as about her family curse. Hence the demons existing and Wyatt Earp coming into the picture. It’s not bad. I applaud shows that can take people, or legends from long ago and recreate them in a fun and exciting new way. While some of this typical storytelling may seem like just that, it actually doesn’t come off that way. I was immediately intrigued and didn’t want to do anything else but stick around.

Scrofano returns for a funeral, and this means coming home, to Purgatory. Yes. Purgatory. It’s not that ridiculous when you think about it. There really is a place in this country called Hell. I thought this was supposed to be some kind of tongue in cheek thing. If it’s not, it’s still funny. It appears that it’s supposed to be some kind of small town, and as such, you’ve got a lot of interesting characters populating it and the typical small town establishments too. If you were looking for a quirky setting with a colorful backstory, then you picked the right show. Plus, it truly looks like a place you’d want to live. It’s beautiful and makes me wonder where they shot it. Probably Canada, as that’s where every other show SyFy has is shot, or just every other show on TV. Regardless, it lends itself well for this world. Small time life just got more exciting.

While I may have seemed to criticize the typical nature of this episode, it is the pilot after all, it worked and told me there’s a lot of potential here. Granted, the fact that there’s multiple stories in the original source material to use, so I think we could be seeing this series go for a few years. I hope that’s the case.

There was a lot of character drama, which allowed for me to know whether or not Scrofano’s Wynonna was worth liking and caring about, as well as what her history is. With the help of Provost-Chalkley’s Waverly, who’s the sister to the title character we get a huge look into who they are. Mainly as sisters, and then as a family unit that’s been so fragmented over the years. Within this character insight, we get too see how whip smart Scrofano is. She certainly knows how to put people in their place. There really is no shortage of sarcasm and wit. It’s tough not to like someone like that.

Thee’s also the other townspeople Scrofano interacts with as she’s trying to figure out what happened to her uncle. I think it was her uncle. Someone she knew and deemed important. That’s what starts all of this, and introduces us to the complex life she leads. Have I mentioned it’s fascinating? It’s fascinating. I’d definitely want her on my team when the demons rise and try to take over. Or Buffy? Whoever’s available.

That’s the other aspect that this episode started to set up for the series. The action and the demons. Her family’s legacy is that there’s a gun that could kill these creatures plus a power, which she sees as a curse. It’s passed down somehow, which I’ve apparently forgotten, even though it was told through flashbacks and other conventional pilot episode mechanics. Anyway. While there’s nothing, yet, that stands out on the action front, there’s plenty that gets you excited. She’s got the kickass fight at the start of the episode and then a few more instances facing her first demon since returning to town. It was either that or watch her sister die. I certainly can see how much there is for her to learn and where that will take her, and this alone has me excited for next week. It also shows that she can’t just do this on her own. She’ll need a team. Who doesn’t? And by the close of the episode, after saving the day, we’re left with a few questions. Apparently the awesome female demon killer wasn’t meant to be the sole draw, and for that, I thank Andras. She cares about mystery and intrigue.

To lure me into some shows, you don’t need major twists or bombshells. All you need is a fun and exciting show. To achieve this, make sure to include interesting and likable characters, add a dash of a demonic presence or any other supernatural element, and I’m ready to go! If there happens to be a mysterious element or two, well, now you’re just indulging me. You know the way to my heart. I truly hope enough people keep watching this delightfully funny show, as SyFy has truly found another winner.


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