Short: “The Maiden”

Short films only have a few minutes to tell a specific story. When it comes to horror shorts, that time also must be used well in order to scare the intended audience. If one or the other isn’t seen to properly, you could be left with a short that makes no sense. Why is anything happening? What is happening? So little time, yet just enough to screw up the whole thing. Continue reading


Pilot: “Hunters”

When it comes to a new show, sometimes you don’t need much to give it a try. But, sure, if you throw in fun sequences of suspense, and decent character drama, I may be more inclined to pay attention to what’s being presented to me. I mean, creature effects and violence will only get you so far. Continue reading

At First Glance: “BrainDead”

When it comes to a new TV series, sometimes all you need to know is who created it. If you enjoyed something that they created before, or lots of things in some cases, then you’re more inclined to follow them no matter the project. The only thing you have to worry about, is whether or not it was worth it. Sometimes, it’s not. Continue reading

Recently: “Flight 7500”

Some directors are lucky throughout their careers, and others are just hit or miss. No matter how hard any one director works, they may never be able to pull off a successful film. Some, get one or two, and that’s it. But that doesn’t stop them from working. Some, even, manage to put out films that are entertaining regardless of overall success. But even those are unpredictable. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Cell”

Long awaited films are nothing new. Some take years upon years to make, and other take years and years to be released. There’s usually some complex reason for this, but it doesn’t stop you from wanting to so desperately see the finished film. Hopefully, like with most films, it’s good and worth it. Other times, it might not matter, you get to see the film you’ve longed for. Continue reading

At First Glance: “Jason Bourne”

Sequels, they’re never predictable. At least when it comes to release that is. Just when you think a series is done, word comes out that there will be yet another sequel, this time directly related to the original series. It’s a slight plus to what may already sound like bad news. Sequels these days are hit or miss. What exactly is going to make this one special? Continue reading

10 Years: “Silent Hill”

Horror films either work, or they don’t. Seldom can a horror film get away with simply being creepy and maybe a little bit of fun. If horror fans wanted that they could just watch some mediocre TV movie or series that has a lot of horror elements. For everyone else, it’s either downright scary or nothing at all. There are just too many let downs every year. Continue reading