At First Glance: “Hush”

The home invasion horror plot isn’t original, in any capacity. While there may be some classic films of this nature to think about, what makes revisiting this sub-genre worth it is how writers take this genre and try and make it fresh. Not all have succeeded, okay, most, but occasionally there will be a well executed film that makes it unsafe to be home alone, or live alone.

The upcoming Netflix Original film “Hush” looks absolutely terrifying! I’m a bit more afraid of the woods, isolation, and being home alone than before.

This psychological horror thriller stars Katie Siegel (upcoming “Ouija 2”, “Wine Jabs (Short 2015)”), John Gallagher Jr. (“10 Cloverfield Lane”, “The Newsroom”), Emilia Graves (“The Hell of Dixie”, “Caged No More”), Samantha Sloyan (“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Criminal Minds”), and Michael Trucco (upcoming “The Bye Bye Man”, “Grandfathered”).

The film is directed by Mike Flanagan (upcoming (hopefully soon) “Before I Wake”, “Oculus”) and written by Flanagan (upcoming (hopefully soon) “Before I Wake”, “Oculus”) and Siegel.

The film debuted at the South By South West (SXSW) Film Festival on March 12, 2016 and is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2016 on Netflix.
I can’t believe it, but I think I may have found another horror film I’m actually excited for! I thought I’d have to wait much longer than this, but I guess I got lucky. This one really could be something special, but that’ll depend on the overall execution. For me, it’s introducing me to a director that I’ve never taken the time to see his work. I’ve heard of the film’s he’s directed, but somehow have never given them much concern. I may have to change that. This film looks like a good place to start.


The beginning of this trailer itself is unbelievably nerve wracking. I was surprised by this, which took two more viewings to notice, but this trailer is one that slowly builds the tension effectively. I don’t think I see many that do it this way, and so I love this film already. The first minute and a half takes it’s time, and set up the terror, not to mention show what Siegel’s living situation is like. Then, with 30 seconds left, it lets loose and all the crazy and brutal content is witnessed. If the film is at all like this trailer, with many more tension filled moments, then I’ll probably walk away loving it and consider it a success!

So, about the actual contents, what did I think?

First off, the killer. Did we really need another freaky looking mask to make its way into film? No! But that’s exactly what’s happened. It certainly had me more on edge as I watched the trailer. Everything about how this killer entered and lingered kept hitting the right notes and amped up the disturbing and suspenseful factor.

The next bit, that’ll probably be amazing to watch, is Siegel’s character fighting back. Right away, from what we see, she’s smart enough to quickly close her door and lock it. From there it’s a frenzy of fighting for her life! It all looks good, but since this film is about the standard film length, anything could happen, and that itself is worth getting excited about!

At the beginning I said I was a bit more afraid of the woods and isolation and of being home alone, and after watching this it’s no wonder, but I’ll explain why. My parents have a house in the middle of nowhere, where you’re pretty much isolated from everything and everyone else, save for nature. If you want relative quiet, sure, live in this place, or visit, which is what I do from time to time. If you’re paranoid or watch too many scary movies or “Criminal Minds”, this may not be the best thing. However, in terms of this film, this could be what makes it even better, and more memorable for me afterwards. It’s one reason why filmmakers have always kept track of what scares people or could scare people. It’s how this genre has survived for so long.

Horror films still have me dubious, but of late, I find myself getting more and more excited for the titles coming out. Still in a drips and drab kind of way, but enough where there seems to be resurgence of quality horror films. Hopefully, as more and more keep popping up and winning over critics and the majority of audiences, we’ll see less of the lazy crap, and more of the kinds of films that deserve to be made and seen.


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